Pa. man who eluded police arrested near Cascade

August 17, 1997


Staff Writer

A Waynesboro, Pa., man, wanted for allegedly speeding away in his car on Jonathan Street while a Hagerstown Police officer tried to stop him by holding onto the car, was arrested Saturday outside a Cascade tavern, Maryland State Police said.

Rex Allen Stoops, 26, was charged with first degree assault and turned over to the Hagerstown Police Department, state police said.

But first Stoops paid a visit to Washington County Hospital where he was treated for injuries received in a fiery chase with Washington Township (Pa.) Police on Friday night, police said.


The saga started about 3:40 a.m. Thursday when Hagerstown Police Officer Jeff Shifler ordered a suspect out of his car on Jonathan Street, police said.

The suspect allegedly began to drive away so Shifler sat on his lap and tried to reach the brake but was eventually thrown from the vehicle, which nearly hit him as it sped away, police said. He escaped serious injury.

Friday evening military police at Fort Ritchie reported seeing Stoops, the suspect, in the Cascade area but he took off before police could find him, the state police said.

Saturday morning he allegedly got into a chase with Washington Township Police during which his car caught on fire and he wrecked it in the area of Harbaugh Church Road, state police said.

Stoops, who was burned in the fire and was not wearing shoes, fled on foot into the woods, police said.

The police received a tip later Saturday that Stoops was again in the Cascade area so, suspecting he might be in the Chocolate Park Tavern, they drove there, telephoned the tavern and asked for him, police said.

Stoops was arrested as he left the back door of the tavern about 4:30 p.m., police said.

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