Letters to the editor

August 15, 1997

What's going on in Smithsburg?

To the editor:

I read the story about the Smithsburg Chief of Police in complete amazement. What is going on here?

I live in Smithsburg. I knew nothing about this, and neither did many of my neighbors. In fact, everyone that I spoke to knew nothing. I can, however, tell you that there are a lot of very upset people. I understand that the mayor and the council decide what is best for the town and all the people who reside here.

However, from time to time even they get things messed up and make mistakes and as a resident of Smithsburg, I happen to think that is a very big mistake.

The story goes on to say that Chief Bowers was released due to personnel matters. I happen to think it was more like a personal matter. What could be so secretive that our town council were told not to say anything? Weren't our mayor and the town Council somewhat tacky in the dismissal of Chief Bowers? Who handed him the letter? Was it the mayor? It could not have been the council. Being they were told not to comment, they must have all been hiding their faces in shame at the way it was handled.


This is a person who people look up to and help them when trouble is coming their way. This is a person who children run to with smiles on their faces and respect shining in their eyes. He shows the children that police officers are not scary, and in time of trouble he will be there for them. This person shows he cares about our town and all that reside in it.

As many people know, Washington County has children do community service before they can graduate from high school. My son who is going into the eighth grade wants to do forensic work. He was all excited at the prospect of learning and working beside Chief Bowers. Now his hopes and aspirations have to be put aside. I am sure that anyone could teach him things that could help him, but what a better teacher he could have?

I know that my youngest daughter is heartbroken. Chief Bowers is her "bestest friend" and her "master detective."

In the year that my family and I have lived here, Chief Bowers has proven to us that he is a valuable member of the community. He is also a more than competent person to hold the position of chief of the Smithsburg Police Department. Many residents of Smithsburg back Chief Bowers 100 percent in his quest to not take things lightly. The mayor and the council better be prepared to answer many questions and for the residents in their quest to help a role model of their community.

Bonnie Smith


Firing of Bowers was a shock

To the editor:

We are writing this letter to let you know how shocked our family is with the news of the dismissal of Chief Tommy Bowers.

We just moved here from Glen Burnie, a little over a year ago. We are used to many people, more traffic, and police departments of many counties. The pace here is much slower. It is nice to have a police department so close to our home, with police officers that take the time to welcome you to the neighborhood and a department that you can rely on.

It was nice to see a friendly face and Tommy Bowers was that. He was always driving through the neighborhood, talking to the adults and having lots of fun with the children.

In the year that we have been here, we had to call upon the service of the police department and Tommy Bowers was the officer that answered the call. He listened to our complaints and handled the situation in a professional manner.

As for the mayor and the town ├žouncil dismissing Tommy without proper explanation, we as tax-paying residents of Smithsburg would like some answers. If this is a personal conflict between the mayor and Tommy, then let it stay between them as it does not concern the residents of Smithsburg. Our town and residents should not have to suffer due to their personal problems.

The mayor is making a big mistake by letting him go. When it is time for re-election, she will not receive our votes. We are sure that there are many that agree with us.

We are sure that there are some residents that did not care for Tommy and one day they will be sorry that they did not know him much better. One day they are going to need him and he will not be there to help them.

We need Tommy Bowers back as our chief of police! He deserves this position. All of us in Smithsburg deserve it too.

Jim and Virginia Jenkins


Message to Smithsburg town council

To the editor:

Although I do not live within the boundaries of Smithsburg, nor can I vote to elect you and your successors, I do consider Smithsburg as my town. I have watched as you have made needed as well as aesthetically pleasing changes to our little town, and I commend you for all of the positive changes which you have initiated.

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