Road naming, numbering sought in Jefferson

August 15, 1997


Staff Writer, Charles Town

CHARLES TOWN, W.Va. - Jefferson County firefighters and police officers sometimes have difficulty getting to the scene of emergencies because many of the county's roads do not have names or house numbers, an emergency official said Thursday.

Jefferson County Emergency Services Director Darrell Penwell told the Jefferson County Commissioners that he would like to change the addresses from rural route numbers to street names and numbers.

Penwell said the 911 center is in the process of setting up computers to do addresses.

"Everybody in Jefferson County will have a physical address and street name," he said.

Firefighters and police officers can check address books to find out where a postal route is, but that will usually only give them a general area, Penwell said.


Penwell said the county commissioners are expected to pass an ordinance to change the addresses within two weeks.

A public meeting on the 911 telephone fee to cover the cost of the changes will be held within 30 days of that action, he said.

He is currently working on the expected budget for the project.

Penwell said only a handful of roads in Jefferson County have duplicate names.

He said he will probably have to come up with a system for the roads to be named, and that he is meeting with postal officials and other officials on the project.

The towns in the county already have street names and numbers and probably will not have to change, he said.

Berkeley County is currently undergoing a similar process with address changes.

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