Mail call

August 15, 1997

"I'm so sick of hearing of the benefits that the union says that they do for their employees. All you have to do is take into consideration all the jobs that the Americans have lost and all the companies that have gone overseas or across the border. Thank you."

"Yes. My comment is about the ad in the paper that has been running the last several weeks. One of the local colleges has an ad that has a person selling hamburgers and it says something to the effect that if this is what you say on your job, 'do you want fries with that?' I find that to be really degrading and making fun of the people that have to work in those professions. I don't personally myself, but I do appreciate these people and I just thought it was in poor taste the way the ad came across like those people aren't good enough or maybe very smart. Not everyone can afford a college education or not everyone is cut out for it. Service jobs are very important and they always will be. Thank you."


"Several weeks ago I lost a key ring with a lot of important keys on it and the identifying thing about the key ring was that it has a half of a silver spoon handle on it. I'm anxious to retrieve these keys and if you have them and will notify Mail Call as to how I can get in touch with you, there will be a reward. Thank you."

"I'd like to wish my great-granddaughter Kayla Marie Jones a very happy 1st birthday on Aug. 24. She is a joy and a bundle sent from heaven. We love her very much. From great-grandma and pappy."

"Hi Mail Call. I'm interested in getting a video tape of Tuesday morning's Today Show. Tuesday, Aug. 19. If there is any reader out there who might have a tape of that broadcast, I would appreciate it if they would call 301-790-1158. We would be willing to pay for a copy of this tape if someone has it. Thank you."

"This is about the person who about a week ago was commenting that we don't need a drug store in Clear Spring. Explain why you don't want a drug store here. You have a liquor store, a club and 3 or 4 taverns. Before you comment, check out your person that's running this thing. He's the best and he cares about people. If you don't have anything to say about the taverns and the liquor store and that ski lodge, let's don't pick on a little drug store. Come on Clear Spring, this is 1997 not 1957."

"Does anyone know of a church in this area that has a large active teen group? If so, would you please let us know? Thank you."

"I don't work at UPS and I don't have any relatives working there. I'd like to know why so many people are so jealous and why they wish the worst on people? I have heard so many making their stupid, uneducated comments on the union and the UPS workers and in most cases these people don't have the slightest idea of what they're talking about. Sure the full time people make a good living but there's not too many of them. The companies want so many part time workers so that they can get away with paying only half of what they are worth. Believe me when I say this, I've worked in management and in a union and if the companies could get rid of unions we'd all be working for nothing with no benefits. So why don't you people who are so jealous get all your facts and educate yourselves before you talk? Thank you."

"In Thursday's paper of Aug. 21 in the B section everybody's picture that is in the paper says police officers should be allowed to retire at 25 years. They'd be the first ones to complain if the city raised their taxes to accomplish that. They'd better think before they speak because raising their taxes is uncalled for."

"Yeah. Aren't those Redskins a rough football team? But at least he didn't bite him in the ear. Bye."

"Make no bones about it neighbor, that Conococheague waste/water treatment plant is a blessing in disguise for this county. I think Ron Bowers and them boys, the County Commissioners, that support it are right. Where would we be if we didn't have it? It's going to open up the growth for the future. Thank God there's people that are willing to look for the future. That's sure where the newspaper is looking. I think they're just looking for awards."

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