Letters to the editor

August 15, 1997

Sex orientation is a choice

To the editor:

I definitely want to respond to V. Kann's letter condemning Christianity as a way of life on June 20.

The writer first posits that homosexuality cannot be a choice because scientific evidence overwhelmingly supports sexual identity's inheritance and besides who would willingly subject themselves to persecution?

What if sexual identity is predetermined? What if science can conclusively support that murderers, pedophiles or alcholics all have a predisposition to their activity or behavior?

Should we then not take a stand or condemn the behavior? Besides, when it comes to human behavior, science shows correlations, not causality.


Christians in this country are not prosecuted as in many other countries, but conservative Christians are ridiculed from all corners because of our stances on abortions, sexuality, sexual purity, drugs, home schooling, creation, and moral standards. Do we have a genetic predisposition because we are subject to ridicule? I could give examples of Chinese Christians who are physically abused because of their choices. I could also give historical examples of Wycliffe, Knox, Luther, Calvin, Zwingli, and others from any country who were persecuted because of their Christian convictions which ran against the bulwarks of their societies. On the opposite side of spectrum, people who do drugs or prostitution are destroying themselves, but few are persuaded to stop. People make choices reguardless of the social consequences.

Craig Johnson

Frederick, Md.

Unfair taxes

To the editor:

People in Waynesboro and Franklin County have a lot to learn about being helpful, courteous, and Christian. While I lived in Waynesboro, people showed a total lack of concern and consideration for each other.

No one has the guts to complain about and stop the high cost of foods, the ridiculous personal property, occupation and per capita taxes, the high home prices, the high personal property taxes and most of all the stupid plan to build a skating rink which will have to be supported by increased resident taxes.

The school teachers should share most of the blame; it is because of their wanting such high salaries that all the residents must suffer by paying higher taxes. The County Commissioners are next to blame for not using cost-effective means for educating children and finding ways to cut those services not used by 80 percent of the residents. I would particularly warn people not to do business with the Washington Township Municipal Authority (WTMA).

They are rude, discourteous and greedy. They will pass any regulation which will make them more money while providing no better service. Two issues which no one addresses is the unfair (and should be illegal) practice of billing for sewer service for a vacant house for sale and the collection of real-estate taxes for a vacant house for sale when the owner lives in another state. Why do we have elected officials if they don't pass or stop unfair practices of billing someone for service(s) that are not used? I welcome comments and helpful suggestions on resolving these issues from those with similar points of view.

John Painer

Sierra Vista, Az.

Scouting help for project

To the editor:

I am a Life Scout in Troop 17 of Williamsport. I am currently working on my Eagle Project. For my project, I am building a permanent display of the Troop's history for the Williamsport Town Museum at Springfield Farm.

I am also making a video which will include stories and other Scouting memorabilia. This is where the Scouts can help. I am looking for old uniforms and all Scouting memorabilia which you are willing to donate for permanent display. If you submit a picture, it will be returned to you (we will make photocopies).

I am also looking for Scouting stories and interviews on videotape. Finally, anyone, regardless of rank, can participate in this. If you reached the rank of Eagle Scout in Troop 17, please contact me. We have a plaque with all Eagle Scouts from the Troop and would like to add your name if it is not there already.

If you are willing to participate, please call me at 301-223-8636 or e-mail me at:

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