Youth awaits sentencing

August 14, 1997

A 14-year-old boy who admitted punching a man in the face on Elizabeth Street last May was returned to his father's home Wednesday to await sentencing in Washington County Juvenile Court.

Assistant State's Attorney Duane Gigeous said the May 17 incident began around 1 p.m. when the teen and two other boys were seen breaking bottles along Elizabeth Street.

The victim told the three boys to stop, Gigeous said, and two of the boys began cleaning up the broken glass.

However, the teen in court Wednesday instead approached the victim, cursing at him, Gigeous said. When he got to the victim, the teen punched the man in the face with his fist.


Photographs of the man's injuries were shown in court Wednesday.

Judge Kennedy Boone was told that this was the boy's second assault in recent months - the first victim being his own mother.

The mother, who was in court Wednesday, told Boone that her son has been living with his father in Pennsylvania since he assaulted her.

"He will be coming back to live with me when school starts," the mother said.

Boone agreed to allow the boy to remain free pending disposition.

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