Thumbs up, thumbs down

August 08, 1997

To all the exhibitors, 4-H members and volunteers who worked hard to make the 1997 edition of Ag Expo a showcase for the labors of Washington County's farm community.

To Washington County veterans' organizations who worked hard to prevent Frederick from stealing a new Veterans Affairs clinic. The Hagerstown location will be an easier drive for many vets in the Tri-state area.

To U.S. Sen. Barbara Mikulski, for helping Washington County obtain $1.58 million in funding for road upgrades and new water and sewer lines in the Newgate Industrial Park.

To local officials dragging their feet over a yes-or-no decision on the Hagerstown Suns' new stadium proposal. The deadline for telling the city whether they'll renew their Municipal Stadium lease is Oct. 1, so get busy.


To Dale Conley, a retired Hagerstown police officer, who promptly returned $9,000 in a sack that fell off the bumper of truck. Conley said if he didn't earn it, he didn't want it.

To Dallas Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones, for his get-tough stand with his players and coach on rowdy and illegal behavior. Fans want their favorite players to have records on the field, not on a rap sheet.

To the late Margaret Hartle, for providing sub sandwich lovers in Hagerstown with their favorite treats for more than 20 years in her South Potomac Street eatery.

To U.S. Vice President Al Gore, who previously said he made "a few" fund-raising calls from the White House in apparent violation of federal law. Internal memos show it was 44, which seems to us like more than a few.

To officials at the U.S. Census Bureau, for admitting their methods aren't foolproof, and their count of Boonsboro could be off, as town officials claim, by hundreds of people.

To Margaret Washington, a Hagerstown woman who, for the last 15 years, has raised money to take busloads of city children to an amusement park outing. Her effort shows us what one caring and determined person can do.

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