Officials budget $10,000 for superintendent search

August 08, 1997


Staff Writer

School officials have budgeted $10,000 to search for a new superintendent of schools and added an additional $5,000 to the superintendent's salary.

The $10,000 was added to the Washington County schools budget because school officials were not expecting to search for a new superintendent when the spending plan was developed, said Washington County Board of Education member Edwin Hayes.

Former Superintendent of Schools Wayne F. Gersen announced in April he was leaving the system to take a superintendent's job in New York.


Hayes said the $10,000 will be used to pay for any expenses needed in the search for a new superintendent. A majority of the board members usually travel to candidates' school districts to talk with school officials and community members about the candidates, said Hayes.

Also, the board brings the four final candidates and their spouses to town for their interviews, said Hayes.

The $5,000 was added to the superintendent's salary to make it more competitive with districts in the region, Hayes said. The Board of Education is advertising the superintendent's salary as being between $95,000 and $115,000. Gersen was paid $90,200.

There have been 33 applications for the superintendent's job. The field of candidates was later reduced to nine, and on Thursday, the number was reduced to four, said Hayes.

The board expects to name a superintendent by the end of October, Hayes said.

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