Pooches parade at Ag Expo

August 08, 1997


Staff Writer

Winners had to settle for ribbons instead of treats and bones Thursday in the 4-H dog show at Ag Expo.

Exhibitors were judged on how well their dogs obeyed, if they walked close to their handlers, how they adjusted to their handler's pace, if they sat and stayed on command and if they came when called, said judge Judy Richardson of Waynesboro, Pa.

The three classes within the obedience portion of the show were sub-novice, novice and graduated novice. The novice and graduated novice classes had only one competitor each.

In the sub-novice class there were three competitors and an exhibitor who was not in the competition.

Cara Peckens, 14, of Boonsboro, won first place along with her dog Justin in the sub-novice class. Justin is a 5-year-old corgi that Cara has been training for three years. She said last year Justin won second place in obedience and grand champion overall.


"It feels pretty good," she said as she lead Justin away so her brother's dog Hampy could compete without distraction.

Neal Peckens, 17, has been showing Hampy for the last three years, but has been competing in the dog show since he was 8. He won first place last year in the novice category, that was why he competed in graduated novice. Since he was the only competitor, he won first place.

After the exhibitors showed the dogs around the ring, the competitors went to the one-minute sit and stay event and the three-minute down event, in which the dog has to sit and lay down, respectively, for that amount of time.

There weren't too many difficulties with the one-minute sit, but by the time it came to the laying down for three minutes, Jordan Creek, 10, of Hagerstown had problems with her 1-year-old basset hound, Blue Bell.

Ben Keller, 14, of Sharpsburg didn't have problems with his brittany, Sunny, until about two minutes into the lay-down competition.

Chesapeake, Corey Hamby's cocker spaniel, had problems sitting, so when it came time to laying down she pleaded with her.

"Stay, please, stay," she said.

Corey, 10, of Williamsport won second place in the sub-novice category and Ben Keller won third place.

Elizabeth Brucksch, 17, of Smithsburg won first place in the novice category with Maggie, her chocolate Labrador.

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