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August 08, 1997

Research on Auditory Integration Training is limited, and the training is considered experimental by American Medical Association and American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

How does it work? One of several theories argues that the modulated sound stimulates the left hemisphere of the brain, particularly the brain's language centers, according to practitioner Terry Dascher, also of The Virginia Foundation for the Exceptional Child and Adolescent in Richmond, Va.

Dascher, who has performed training with more than 200 kids and adults in the past six years, said that overloading the auditory system in this manner seems to lessen sensitivity to certain sound frequencies, and participants adapt better.

The Berard method of training, developed over the past several decades by French ear, nose and throat specialist Dr. Guy Berard, operates on the premise that the auditory system can be retrained, in much the same way as muscles are retrained in physical therapy.


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