Marketing push urged for pretreatment plant

August 08, 1997


Staff Writer

County Commissioners James R. Wade and R. Lee Downey say it's time to get moving on marketing the Conococheague Industrial Pretreatment Plant.

"Every day that we don't have somebody out there is going to cost us some money," Wade said Tuesday. "I don't want to still be sitting here in December talking about marketing the pretreatment plant."

Wade said he had one individual in mind who was ready to go on a marketing effort.

Commissioners President Gregory I. Snook also said he wanted to look at eliminating a covenant in the bonds for the plant that prohibits piping waste into it.


Commissioner Ronald L. Bowers said that covenant was only put in to prevent one user from taking up all of the capacity, and probably could be changed.

Snook said if the goal was to prevent one user from taking all the capacity, limits could be placed on capacity usage.

Bowers also said modifying the plant to accept other types of waste, such as emulsified oils, should be considered.

Mack Trucks, Bowers' employer, had been taking its emulsified oily waste to the plant, but the waste damaged the plant, which was never designed to treat it.

Emulsified wastes are no longer accepted at the plant. An upgrade to treat the emulsified waste had been estimated at $2 million.

The $9 million plant, which opened in 1994, has required $2.3 million in taxpayer subsidies to keep it afloat and is operating at less than 25 percent of capacity.

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