Police ad 'thanks' city administrator for supplies

August 06, 1997


Staff Writer

The union that represents about 70 of Hagerstown's police officers has taken out a tongue-in-cheek ad thanking the city administrator for supplies.

"Mr. Zimmerman said in our last negotiating session that we never thank him" for cruisers and other supplies, so we decided to thank him, said Patrolman Dave Long.

"Basically, he says we never thank him for the things the city should give us," Long said.

Long, an executive board member for the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 3373, is not a member of the union's negotiating team.


City Administrator Bruce Zimmerman said he would not discuss negotiations.

The ad reads, "The Hagerstown City Police Officers Union would like to thank the City Administrator, Mr. Bruce Zimmerman, for providing us with the necessary items to do our job in the professional and efficient manner that is expected."

The backpage ad was placed in the Monday editions of The Morning Herald and The Daily Mail and last Saturday's Herald-Mail.

The ad lists Zimmerman's office number for city residents who want to thank Zimmerman as well.

As of Monday, Zimmerman's office had received only one phone call from the public concerning the ad, said Brenda Donovan, his secretary. The caller was curious about the ad, but offered no thank-yous, she said.

According to Long, negotiations are not going well.

The main sticking points are retirement benefits and wages.

Police officers want the right to retire with a full pension after 25 years, while city negotiators want them to continue putting in 30 years.

Police officers have been working under the conditions of their last three-year contract, which expired June 30, until a new contract can be hammered out.

The next negotiating session is on Thursday, Aug. 14, Long said.

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