Shepherds, sheep strut their stuff

August 06, 1997


Staff Writer

The shepherds and the lambs were all dolled up Wednesday for the Shepherd Leading Contest at the Ag Expo.

The exhibitors must wear an outfit of at least 60 percent wool, prepare a narration about themselves and the lamb and they can add accessories for the lamb.

The competition was divided into 4-H and open classes. There were five competitors in the 4-H's intermediate and senior divisions.

The open class consisted of the five 4-H competitors and two new entries. Garrett Hamby, 7, was the only boy to enter, but he said that didn't bother him a bit.

Hamby was dressed in a 100 percent wool cowboy hat and sweater with a wool tie and linen shorts. His lamb, Wendy, also wore a 100 percent wool tie. "She's a businessman," he said.


Hamby won a first-place ribbon. He said his father helped him pick out the lamb and his mother picked out his clothes. He's pre-4-H this year, but can't wait until he can be a true 4-H member next year, he said. His father, Ralph Hamby, said Garrett has entered every competition that he is allowed to as pre 4-H this year.

Megan Drake,13, of Sharpsburg, was the only entry in the intermediate class and so won first place. She wore a dark green dress of 100 percent wool and her lamb, Leah, had a dark green and purple scarf around her neck.

Melissa Drake, Megan's sister, won first place in the senior division. She wore a black and white vest and a black skirt and both were 100 percent wool. Melissa will be a senior at Boonsboro High School in the fall.

The other open class competitor, Angela Uzelac, 20, of Hagerstown, wore a black wool bow in her hair and a red and black wool skirt suit. Her lamb wore a matching bow.

She said she competed "just for fun." She was in the Chewsville 4-H Club from age 8 to 18.

Other competitors were Elizabeth Brucksch of Smithsburg, Rhonda Uzelac of Hagerstown who won second and third places, respectively.

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