Ice rink registration opens

August 06, 1997


Staff Writer

Registration is being held this week for ice hockey, figure skating and other ice activities at the Hagerstown Ice & Sports Complex, which is on schedule to open on Friday, Aug. 15, rink officials said Tuesday.

"Registration is critical. We've done the best we could with the short time we've had," said David Barnhart, treasurer for the Washington County Sports Foundation. The nonprofit foundation will operate the rink.

Area residents can register for various activities between noon and 9 p.m. through Sunday behind the rink, said Debbie Dill, the rink's day manager. As of Tuesday afternoon, about 10 people had registered.


Activities include learn-to-skate basic skills programs, goalie school, ice skating lessons, figure skating and ice hockey. There will be an in-house hockey league as well as a traveling league for more experienced players.

There are activities for people from ages 3 to 93, said Margy Everett, director of figure skating. Children as young as 3 years old can start learning to skate because their bones have strengthened enough, she said.

Prices are competitive, Barnhart said.

To register for rink activities or to get more information call 301-766-9122 or, from outside Maryland, call 1-888-ICE-N-FUN or 1-888-423-6386.

Rink officials will host a VIP preview of the rink next Wednesday afternoon.

The rink will be ready for the public to skate on Friday, Aug. 15, according to Dill and general contractor LeRoy Myers.

The light fixtures above the rink need to be replaced to give off white rather than yellow lighting, but that work will be done on Monday, Myers said.

The ice is being installed in the rink and concession equipment has already begun arriving.

The complex's name on the scoreboard needs fixing. Now it reads "Hagerstown Sports and Ice Complex."

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