Improvements may help Charles Town water

August 05, 1997


Staff Writer, Charles Town

CHARLES TOWN, W.Va. - Some neighborhoods with poor water lines should be getting some relief soon after the Charles Town Council voted Monday night to hire contractors to work with city workers to install new lines.

City Manager Jane Arnett said some areas are served by only a three-quarter-inch pipe and will be replaced by two-inch to six-inch pipes.

The three-quarter inch pipe does not allow for an adequate water supply, she said.

"There are complaints that if a neighbor turns his shower on you can't flush your toilet," Arnett said.

The town council expects contractors, who have been working on installing new water meters throughout town, to be working on the project for about four weeks.


Charles Town Mayor Randolph Hilton said this is the first time private contract workers have been hired to work with town water workers.

The contractors also will be providing a project manager, Arnett said.

The contractors are probably more familiar with the town's water system than anybody after working since last December to replace and install new water meters throughout the system.

The work is being done to improve the town's water system, which at one point was estimated to be losing about 40 percent of the treated water as it went through the lines.

With meters in place, the town officials believe they will be able to get a better idea where leaks are occurring.

Along with the water lines, the workers will install new fire hydrants where needed, Arnett said.

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