Keedysville wants water pact with Boonsboro

August 05, 1997


Staff Writer

KEEDYSVILLE - Keedysville town officials passed a resolution Monday night to create a joint water system with the town of Boonsboro, although the cost of the project is still unknown.

The proposal follows recent difficulty of providing water to the town of Boonsboro.

Although Boonsboro has several water sources of its own, it also relies on Keedysville's system, said Assistant Mayor Kenneth Brandenburg.

However, Keedysville has had trouble pumping enough water to Boonsboro, Brandenburg said.

The Keedysville Town Council Monday night approved the formation of a regional water system for Boonsboro and Keedysville. The project would link the water systems from the two towns, thereby increasing water flow, said Brandenburg.

Water flow from the new system would increase from 145 gallons per minute to 300 gallons per minute, Brandenburg said.

Brandenburg could not provide a cost for the project. "It's on the drawing boards now. We don't know for sure," said Brandenburg.


An earlier proposal to combine water service for the two towns would have cost about $3.1 million.

Keedysville officials said Boonsboro residents would pay a "proportionate" share of the cost of the project, meaning they would pay more because there are more water users in Boonsboro.

Now the towns are expected to review each others resolutions for approval. If the project is passed, construction could begin in January, Brandenburg said.

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