Thumbs up, thumbs down

August 01, 1997

Thumbs upTo the 12 new members of Washington County's Convention and Visitors' Bureau, for taking on the tough job of rebuilding the county's tourism-promotion effort.

Thumbs upTo Horace W. Murphy, president and chief executive of Washington County Hospital, for the two decades of service here that won him the Maryland Hospital Association's Distinguished Service Award for 1997.

Thumbs upTo all state, local and federal officials who recently concluded an agreement to keep train traffic from stopping motorists traveling through Chambersburg. Pa. Safety should be enhanced as well.

Thumbs downTo West Virginia state Sen. Rebecca White, who opposed an attempt to ban nude dancing as an attempt to legislate morality, but who's changed her mind after one opened near her family business. Okay, as long as she's objective about it.


Thumbs upTo Christophe Meili, a Swiss bank guard who revealed that his employer was shredding pre-World War II records. For alerting Jewish groups, he's been harassed and must live in the U.S.

Thumbs upTo Randy Leamer, a North East, Pa. man who lost 85 pounds so that he can give his daughter one of his kidneys. Breakfast and chocolate milk were the hardest things to give up, said Leamer, who once topped out at 297.

Thumbs upTo Robert P. Cumberland, Washington County's new administrative assistant for fire/rescue matters, for his willingness to work on a wide variety of life-and -death issues.

Thumbs downTo the State of Maryland, for the secrecy surrounding the plan to lease much of the Woodmont Rod & Gun Club property to an Isaak Walton chapter whose members are mostly Baltimore business executives. What's to hide?

Thumbs downTo Washington County's schools, for considering a new health course that would, among other things, teach students how to handle hurt feelings. This is the schools' job?

Thumbs upTo the Washington County Water/Sewer Advisory Board, for their willingness to think about innovative new solutions to the county's debt problem. Their ideas may not all be winners, but hey, at least they're thinking.

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