Letters to the editor

July 29, 1997

Beer and billboards

To the editor:

I understand that in order for establishments to know of their services or buy their products they need to advertise.

The concern I have is the billboards before you get onto the small bridge from Pennsylvania Avenue onto Burhan's Boulevard.

There are three beer billboards. I have nothing against drinking if it's done safely and not mixed with driving.

But in this day and age where Joe Camel is going to be extinct because it's been definitely proven that smoking is bad for you, let's cut out these drinking advertisements whether on TV, radio, billboards, etc.

I can see one, but not more than one, in the same billboard area. Since you're advertising mostly to the people who are driving it leaves a bad impression. Put up an inspirational one and alternate the ones for the beer and don't have more than one.


Drinking alcohol is for adults and it's supposed to be done moderately and not used while operating anything. It's not like drinking water, milk, juice or soda.

Helen Willis


Hot Spot article didn't cover it all

To the editor:

The article that was written does not tell the whole story of the meeting held at Bethel Gardens yesterday afternoon (July 24). The City of Hagerstown and the community deserve to hear the entire story.

- Where are the remarks from Joanne Benson (Delegate from Prince Georges County) and other concerned citizens who represented the community?

- What about the discussion of public housing. Where is the mention of "starting over" with public housing, to reorganize and screen tenants, offering strict guidelines to be followed or be evicted? What about the security housing has offered?

- What about the grant distributed to a smaller group and the concern of how others have suddenly appeared now that there is money to be spent? What about the misconception that this money is for the Jonathan Street community only? To take it further, what about the stigma that Jonathan Street received when the "Hot Spot" covers a much larger area of Hagerstown?

- What about the discussion of how residents are working on removing public telephones on the corner of Jonathan and West North Avenue to find another public telephone has been placed in front of the car wash on Jonathan Street? What about the frustration residents experience from city and county officials who promise change with no results?

This article has too many holes. Either write the full story or forget it. Don't make it seem like the residents are not asking the right questions. Your staff writer and now your readers have been misled. You need to do this article over.

Serena Bell


Not all of us are like that; some are better

To the editor:

The following true incident illustrates the fact that there are many kind and thoughtful people in our community, who often go unnoticed. Some time ago I was concluding a two-day jury trial at the courthouse.

My clients, a mother and her young son, had arrived hurriedly, and parked at the parking meter. The trial involved her son, who had suffered a painful, permanent injury at the hands of their former neighbor in Hagerstown.

It was a busy day for my clients, full of the stress of a trial. In the back of her mind was her car, but she could not leave court to check the parking meter.

At the end of the day, they walked back to their car, fearing they would find a parking ticket. Instead, they met a friendly, elderly gentleman who said, "Don't worry about your car, it's paid."

This gentleman, known to may of us simply as "Mr. Davis," had been attending the trial, was considerate enough to check on her rental car, and had paid the parking meter for her.

The only way I found out about this was my client's call after they arrived home. She said Davis had told her that he didn't want her to think all of us here in Hagerstown are "like that," referring to the man who had injured her son.

No, Mr. Davis, we're not all "like that." It's refreshing to remember that there are a lot of decent folks out there like you.

Robert C. Veil Jr.


One great night at Pony League

To the editor:

True sportsmanship! That is what I saw take place during a Hagerstown Pony League game on July 7. I was there rooting for F&M because a young friend of mine was on that team. We were losing to Hagerstown Floors.

In the sixth inning, the center fielder for Hagerstown Floors jumped into the air, caught a line drive, crashed into the fence and got one of F&M's players out.

Well the place went crazy! That was a fantastic catch! Everyone - parents, friends, fans of both teams, teammates and players for F&M - were all cheering for that boy.

It was a great night at the ball park, even if our team did lose the game.

Suzanne Lushbaugh


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