City looks at study of flooding along Hamilton, Marsh runs

July 17, 1997


Staff Writer

The area may be experiencing a dry spell, but the subject of flood control came up during Tuesday's Hagerstown City Council work session.

A study conducted last fall was driven by complaints from last year's particularly wet summer.

"I know at least three times last year we had to close Northern Avenue because of flooding," Assistant City Engineer Rodney Tissue said.

That was the most serious flooding problem along the areas bordering Hamilton Run and Marsh Run, according to the study last fall by the city and McCrone Inc., an Annapolis engineering firm.


The study identified eight sites where stormwater management systems or storm drain improvements could alleviate flooding. Tissue further narrowed that list to the three most important ones.

Topping that list was the American Legion grounds on Northern Avenue where Hamilton Run is forced through three small culverts under the entrance road. That choke point causes stormwater to back up onto Northern Avenue during intense rains.

Replacing the three small culverts with a much larger one would cost about $90,000.

At the Hagerstown Business Park and east of Wesel Boulevard, rainwater from a 274-acre area drains into Marsh Run. The study recommends spending about $51,000 for improvements to the existing stormwater management basin to hold more water during a storm.

A proposal to improve the storm drain system along West Wilson Boulevard from Virginia Avenue to Guilford Avenue also was part of the study. That would cost about $143,000.

Changes along the banks of Marsh and Hamilton runs would require contacting and negotiating with a number of property owners before anything is done, except in cases where the problem involves city-owned property.

Tissue said any improvements would likely be 75 percent funded by the state.

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