Best Friends - Mary and Robert Kefauver, Halfway

July 17, 1997

Best Friends

Mary and Robert Kefauver, Halfway

Mary and Robert Kefauver met at a party Memorial Day weekend 18 years ago. They never dated steadily, but did go out once or twice a year and always managed to stay in touch.

Whenever she needed someone to take her somewhere or just to talk to, Mary Kefauver - then Domenici - would call Robert Kefauver. He was someone she could depend on.

"I always said that Robert was like my old shoe," she said.

"I never heard about that," Robert Kefauver said.

But the characterization doesn't offend him. A self-described "crusty old bachelor" who liked his peace and quiet, Robert Kefauver had no plans to marry. He didn't think it would be fair to ask someone to share his life of shifting work schedules at Washington County Fire and Rescue and his active volunteer firefighting.


Mary Kefauver was seeing another man last summer, when she received an invitation to a wedding and banquet and needed to decide who her escort would be. She called Robert Kefauver, mentioned her dilemma, and suddenly, something in him changed, she said. They realized they were no longer "just friends," and their talk turned serious.

Robert Kefauver said he didn't know what hit him when he got off the phone. He described his wife as a 92-pound cyclone.

They got engaged in August after Robert Kefauver asked Mary Domenici's father for her hand in marriage. They were married April 12, the bridegroom's birthday.

It's been a year of big changes and adjustments. Mary Kefauver's father passed away last November, and she is thankful for her husband's support. In August, she will leave Greencastle Chamber of Commerce to start a new career as case manager with Eastern Panhandle Training Center in Martinsburg, W.Va.

Although they sometimes think that they could have been together sooner, they believe being best friends has helped their marriage.

"Now the thing is right," Robert Kefauver said.

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