Mail call

July 15, 1997

"To David Harris. Please call 301-739-3083. I am Shirley Schultz and I will explain Jimmy's death to you. Thank you."

"Yes. This is about the man who is going to lose his store because he lost his patrons because of refusing to sell alcohol and cigarettes. I'd like to tell the people that are out here raising cain about people smoking and people drinking that maybe they should look at themselves because they are the biggest hypocrites there are. Here's a man who wants to do what they want to do and they won't even go down and support this man. So as far as I'm concerned, all they are is a bunch of big mouths that wants to suit their own needs and don't worry about anybody else. Thank you."

"Yes. On Saturday, July 12, I found some money at Sheetz on Pennsylvania Avenue and if anyone has lost this money please call Mail Call and leave a message and I will get in touch with you. Thank you."


"Hey Kari, let's go to Friendly's and sing 'Pop Goes the Weasel' again. What do you think?"

"Yes. We would like to wish our godson Robby Smoot who will be 6 years old on July 18 a happy birthday. Love, Nanny and Pappy."

"Yeah. To that person that said they had trouble keeping their milk from going bad. I know a lot of these people keep calling in tying to be real brilliant and tell them that they have to have it in the refrigerator and so forth but the reason might be that one of our politicians here last year I believe it was, had a law passed where the stores can keep it on the shelves for a couple of days longer than they used to be able to and milk just ain't gonna keep that long anymore. I've had the same problem. Thank you."

"Yes. This is in reference to the person who is supposedly being harassed by the credit bureau. Well, apparently if you wouldn't have bad credit and you paid your bills, you wouldn't be harassed. Second, if you want them charged, you do it. The District Court Commissioner is always open. 35 West Washington Street, Hagerstown, Md."

"This is a call to congratulate my friends Rex and Wayne and to wish them success on their new personal endeavor."

"Hi, Mail Call. We just moved into our second home and what should have been a fun experience turned into a very long frustrated mess. We would like to thank our Realtor, Linda Wigfield, for all of her help. Without her guidance and hard work this deal would not have come together. She always had our best interest in mind and is now a very special friend. Thanks again from Sandy and Mike."

"I'm appalled that anyone would support off track betting. Gambling is a vise that leads to corruption."

"Where ever you are Ralph Curtis II, we'd like to wish you a happy birthday. Love, Grandma and Grandpap."

"Yes. I'm just calling to say congratulations to the Potterfield Pool on Frederick Street and that Matt McCauley is doing a fine job. All the lifeguards are really doing a great job too. Everyone should go there because they all are doing such a wonderful job. Thank you all."

"We have now had the driest April, May and June in 102 years and they have yet to put a ban on burning. There's already been fires and a cigarette is all it will take to burn hundreds of acres. It's time for a ban on burning. Not only garbage but campfires, cooking outside etc. What are they waiting for - the town of Hagerstown to burn?"

"Hi. This is Monday afternoon and I just came home from work and it's almost 100 degrees outside and I saw this young girl pulling a dog down Franklin Street and the dog just finally laid down because it was heat exhausted. I'm just calling to ask people with pets to please remind them not to take your pets out for an afternoon walk in this kind of heat. Also on the way home I saw two dogs chained outside in the bright sun and the only protection they had from the sun and heat was a dog house. I'm sure the kids were inside watching TV. If you can't be responsible for your pets, then I really don't think that you should have them. Please, let's use some common sense and keep your pets out of this heat. Thank you."

"On Saturday, July 12, between 1:15 and 1:30 p.m. on Burhans Boulevard and Antietam Street, I saw a person sitting on a moped with a small child sitting on the bike in front of him at the red light - both of them without helmets. Isn't this or shouldn't this be against the law? A Maryland state trooper should have seen this also as he was just a couple of vehicles behind him and yet they want to holler about seat belts? Shame, shame."

"Would someone please instruct those dumb blank, blank, blank, blank, blank persons who are traveling Virginia Avenue and Pennsylvania Avenue where there are designated turning lanes how to use them or get off the road?"

"I still have not heard from the lady who found the diamond wedding rings at Weis Market on June 3 and you did not take them to the police department as you told Weis you would. I was taught not to keep anything that didn't belong to me. Those rings were reset and added to for Christmases and birthdays and have a lot of sentimental value to me. I hope you will change your mind and call me, no questions asked and I will reward you. Remember you said that you wanted to give them to the person that lost them yourself and that you knew how you would feel if you lost your rings. I hope you will remember and keep your word. Please call me at 301-733-8118 or the police department. You can even call Mail Call and leave a message. I'm sure. Please consider this and return them. I would really appreciate having them back."

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