Thumbs up, thumbs down

July 11, 1997

To George Williams, Maryland tourism chief, for proposing a regional center to direct people to local Civil War sites. But why not build it in downtown Hagerstown?

To R. Meade Dorsey, outgoing publisher of the Spirit of Jefferson weekly newspaper and his successor, Edward "Pat" Dockeney, - two good journalists who've served Jefferson County, W.Va. well for many years.

To Maryland state officials who failed to tell merchants they should stop charging the so-called "snack tax" July 1. You can bet if money was due to the state, there'd be no forgetting.

To Gary Rohrer, Washington County Public Works chief, for accepting blame for a mistake that may cost the county $58,000. The sad thing is his decision to shoulder responsibility is so unusual.


To Franklin County Judge William Kaye, for rejecting an inmate's claim he was mistreated because, among other things, he wasn't given a menu of meal choices. How dreadful!

To a mystery donor who provided $375,000 to the non-proit foundation building an ice rink at the Hagerstown Fairgrounds. Whoever you are and whatever your reasons, the community thanks you for your generosity.

To the Halfway Volunteer Fire Company, for agreeing to give a $5 bingo coupon to anyone who donates blood at their station July 17. What a clever incentive program!

To DCS Communications of Texas, which is suing a former employee, because he won't give them details of an idea he says he had, but which he never wrote down. Question: With no diagram, how will DCS know if it's won?

To the inconsiderate people who use Goodwill and similar charities to dump junk they can't sell or give away. Let's catch a few of these scofflaws and put them on dump duty.

To West Virginia Suprme Court Justices Robin Davis and Thomas McHugh, who wanted to allow a judge accused of biting a defendant to keep hearing cases, unless there were more incidents. Three bites and you're out?

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