County family has the ticket for home improvements

July 09, 1997


Staff Writer

HALFWAY - Jeffrey and Theresa Swope hit the jackpot this week, but don't expect them to make any extravagant purchases with their lottery winnings.

"We ain't gonna blow it all at once," Jeff Swope said.

Swope said several home improvement projects planned for their house in Halfway - a new deck, living room improvements and a remodeled bathroom - will now get done a little sooner.

Swope, who works at Grove Worldwide, said he will bank the rest, although he added that his three children have ideas of their own.


"They're all yelling about a pool, but I'll have to think about that," he said.

Swope said he found out he had won the $100,000 Extra Chance Lotto on Saturday. He walked into a convenience store and the clerk told him the winning tickets were purchased in Washington County.

Swope said he returned to the truck to get his tickets and when he checked them, they matched.

He quickly went to a friend's house to tell his wife, he said.

"I was stunned for a while. I didn't believe it for a while," he said.

Neither did his friends.

"But my wife said, `No, I know his facial expressions. He's not lying,'" he said. "I was shaking."

Swope will not get his $100,000 for another week or so. Actually, after taxes, the total will only be $64,500.

But Swope is not complaining.

"That's $64,500 more than I had before. That's how I look at it," he said.

Swope, 41, said he has played the lottery off an on for about 20 years. He said he plays about once a week, twice if the pot gets high. He said he buys most of his tickets in the Sheetz store on Virginia Avenue where his winning ticket came from.

Despite winning, Swope said he has not lost his desire to play.

"I already got my ticket for tonight," he said.

The Swopes were the second Washington County couple in a week to win $100,000 in a state lottery.

On June 25, Rodney and Debbie Boward, of Williamsport, won $100,000 in the multi-state Powerball drawing.

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