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She's udderly hooked

June 28, 1997


Staff Writer, Waynesboro

GREENCASTLE, Pa. -- Holy Holstein!

There are cows everywhere at Martha Reihart's place.

There are plastic cows, stuffed cows, ceramic, cows, metal cows and wooden cows. There's a cow flag hanging off the front porch and a cow in the refrigerator that moos when the door is opened. There are cow signs in and outside the trailer that say things like "cow crossing," and "Home is where the herd is."

Even the outside of Reihart's mobile home on Pa. Route 16 three miles west of Greencastle is painted white with black patches to match the look of a Holstein cow. Rail fences on the corner of her property are painted the same color scheme, as is the well cover, and several large lawn planters.


"I guess I'm just crazy about cows," said Reihart, 54, a widow who moved into the trailer in January. "I'm an animal lover and I like to promote farmers and what they do," she said.

Reihart also owns the house next door where she and her husband, Raymond, reared their three sons. Her husband died two years ago and the house became too much to take care of, she said. Her mother-in-law once lived in the trailer, which until two months ago was painted green. "I have cow things all over the house so I thought, why not paint the house like a cow," Reihart said.

She painted the entire outside surface of the trailer white, by herself with a one-and-a-half-inch brush. "I just got used to that brush," she said.

Her oldest son, Bill, painted the black patches, she said.

All of the paint work is neat and professionally done.

A large plywood cow and several stuffed cows dot Reihart's front lawn. She calls one Daisy. Another is Lulu Belle. Annabelle, wears a dress and apron and stands on her porch by the front door.

Reihart is still looking for her crowning touch - a pair of cow horns for the front of the trailer.

There are no live cows on the property, yet.

"Someday I'm going to get a real one. I have five acres in the back here," Reihart said.

Her display turns the heads of motorists who drive by on the busy road between Greencastle and Mercersburg, Pa.

"A lot of people stopped at first, but they don't anymore," Reihart said. "They said they thought I had done a really good job. They think it made a difference in the place."

Reihart grew up on a farm but it had sheep, no cows, she said.

She said she enjoys eating beef, but said she wouldn't if she had to kill the animal it came from.

"I couldn't even hit one, never mind kill one," she said.

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