Mail call

June 26, 1997

"Mail Call, people want a dog. The Herald-Mail should run some article on teaching human beings to understand the animal. Wild dogs run in packs. You can't take a dog and chain it in the back yard and expect it to be content with food and water. That dog will protest continually and try to break the chain. They need some freedom. They need companionship and they need love, baths and care. A dog on a chain confined to a small area cannot keep itself clean. They beg for attention and if they don't get it they become scared and feel trapped by the chain. They become what seems to be mean, but they are afraid so they will attack, but not the hand that feeds them. It is a shame to see how a dog will want to kiss you and wag his tail when he hears a kind voice and some attention from a human who has confined him to a life of loneliness. Man doesn't live by bread alone and neither does a dog. The dog deserves the best of care in return for the love and loyalty they give their owners. I have one question. Why would anyone want a dog to chain in the backyard just to have something to mistreat?"


"Hello. Does anyone know the address to Silkie's Panty Hose? If you do, please call me at 301-790-1265. If there is no answer please leave message in machine."

"This is to all the people who are calling into Mail Call wondering why Clinton wants to apologize to the black people, the slaves. I feel that it's about time. It's been 100 years before any of the African American slaves get an apology. Most are not here to hear the apology but the families are. Just a reminder to all of you racist people, if the shoe was on the other foot you'd want an apology regardless of how long it took you to get it. Thank you Mail Call."

"Hi Mail Call. I want to wish Michael Noble a happy 12th birthday from his friends."

"If the Southern Baptist would worry more about people and their souls than about their preferences of sex, the world would be more peaceful. Do not judge least thee be judged. Just have happy thoughts"

"Overdevelopment in Washington County is jeopardizing our quality of life. Much of it is simply duplication and we could get along quite well without it."

"This is to the person who assaulted and robbed my husband on Maugansville Road this morning between 4:30 and 5 o'clock. You got his wedding band and it would be very much appreciated if you were a big enough person to return that ring. Take it to the Deputy Sheriff's Department. You don't have to leave your name. This ring has sentimental value to it and it takes a pretty bad person to take another person's wedding band."

"I'm calling about the article in The Herald-Mail on Wednesday, June 25 'County considers impact and other fees'. Commissioner President Greg Snook is quoted as saying this is the first time that the county has looked at revenue more than one year away. Greg, we're sure of that. Especially we that live in Halfway know that you haven't looked at revenue more than one year in advance or we wouldn't be $60 million in debt."

"I would just like to say congratulations to my Pookey, you did it."

"To add a little spice to the Boonsboro/Keeysville water problem. Coming home from work one day, the street is tore up on my way back to my home and they are tying in 25 new lots for new homes behind Della Lane. As I come home, I find out the next day that the water will be shut off for the tie line and while doing so, they flood that area and a little bit of water spills out. Well, that's no big deal. I come home and I find out that Keedysville is not under a water ban, we hadn't been notified, so my wife waters our flowers with 2 gallons of water. I get a phone call at work the next day and my wife is fined $100. We're adding new homes, we don't make Keedysville part of the water ban, we spill water while tying in new homes, and yet we're fining people that aren't responsible for their mistakes including the thing that happened at the carnival where we broke off a pipeline. There's something wrong with this picture. Come on Boonsboro, wake up. It's time to make some changes. Thank you."

"This is to the Southern Baptist. I don't think you have an ounce of Christianity in your soul. What you're doing by a boycott doesn't accomplish a thing. Where is your Christianity? Sometimes a boycott hurts the innocent. There it is again. Where is your Christianity? You've got to remember one thing - they are people, they are human beings. Where is your Christianity?"

"Your editor paints a good picture of the service learning requirements but I don't agree. Round up some graduates and ask them about classmates who cheated. Ask the nursing homes why they can only monitor volunteer programs in the summer if it's so great. Ask the administrators how many letters they sent home to parents begging compliance. I think it's time to scrap that bureaucratic turkey."

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