Mowen finds inspiration in 'Lost World'

June 25, 1997


Staff Writer, Chambersburg

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - Disappointed with the storylines in the novels-turned-movies, "Jurassic Park" and "The Lost World," Chambersburg teen Kurtis Mowen is writing a sequel of his own.

Mowen, 18, a recent graduate of Chambersburg Area Senior High School, already has an interested audience in the likes of Topps Comics publisher Ira Friedman.

"I wrote to him complaining about the novel and the movie and then told him my idea. He was completely wowed by it," Mowen said.


Through letters and telephone conversations, Friedman has agreed to take a look at Mowen's finished novel with the possibility of adapting it into a six-part miniseries to be published by Topps Comics. From there, Mowen's idea could be produced into a movie.

Protective of his work, the young writer wouldn't reveal the book's details. He said only that he's kept some of the original characters, but he's "revised the whole genetic procedure" and added new twists to make it an action-packed, suspenseful story.

Under the constraints of a quirky typewriter and his full-time job at the movie theater at South Gate Mall, Mowen said he writes when he gets the chance.

So far, he has handwritten nearly half of what he expects to be nearly a 400-page novel. He hopes to have it revised, edited and typed by the end of the summer.

Mowen started out on his writing project seven years ago when he penned his own version of a sequel to Jurassic Park, which he had hoped to share with author Michael Crichton.

Crichton's second novel came out before Mowen had a chance to send his story.

Now he's decided to write for himself and plans to pursue writing as a career, starting this fall at Shippensburg University.

"I love to write. I basically want to spend my life writing. I don't care if I end up a starving artist," Mowen said.

The teen said he started reading and writing at an early age as a way to "escape" from a life of constant movement and lack of long-term friendships.

While his father, Donald Mowen served in the U.S. Army the family moved 24 times in 17 years. There were times when Mowen attended three different schools in a year, said his mother, Linda.

The teen is working on two other novels he's titled, "Devil's Triangle" and "Identity."

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