Readers share their favorite ice cream concoctions

June 24, 1997

By Kate Coleman

Staff Writer

Ice cream or frozen yogurt concoctions blended with candy bars, nuts or fruits are popular sweet refreshers when it's hot.

We asked readers to tell us their favorites. We were aware of Dairy Queen's Blizzard, Tastee Freeze's Freezee, TCBY's Shiver and Hagerstown's Superior Ice Cream's Arctic Blast, and readers introduced us to some new treats. Here's what a few readers told us they like.

- Kateri Frazier and Mercedes Wakenight are secretaries at St. Ann Catholic Church in Hagerstown. At least once a week, all year round, they try to splurge with a frozen treat.

Among their favorites are the Lollipop from Byers Stop-N-Go in Hagerstown. They both like the strawberry flavoring, ice cream and snow cone combination.


When they get Blizzards from Dairy Queen, Frazier chooses M&M and Wakenight goes for the Heath Bar variety.

They never would attempt making such a treat at home, Frazier says.

"It's too much fun to go out and get it," she says.

- The chocolate-cherry Blizzard at Dairy Queen gets the vote of 31-year-old Joy Gilbert of Hagerstown. She also enjoys the blue raspberry-flavored Mr. Misty Freeze, Dairy Queen's slush and ice cream blend. Gilbert's son, 4-year-old Nickolas Davis, is partial to the Blizzard made with Nerds, the tiny colorful candy bits.

Gilbert also recommends Lollipops from Byers and says she grew up on Hagerstown's Superior Ice Cream. Black raspberrry was her favorite, but she'd often get orange-pineapple with her dad - even though she didn't like it. Now that she's an adult, she never touches that flavor.

- Baskin Robbins Blast gets the vote of Helen Willis, 32, of Hagerstown. The Cappuccino Blast is her favorite treat from the Frederick, Md., ice cream store. "It's refreshing, not too sweet," Willis says.

There are three other Blast varieties - mocha cappuccino, chocolate and strawberry. They are made with ice cream, crushed ice, flavored syrup and blended into a smooth treat.

Willis says she also enjoys Dairy Queen's Blizzards. She chooses Oreo cookies, M&Ms or chocolate kisses and sprinkles.

- Judy Wolicki and her husband, Walter, live in Waynesboro, Pa., and come to Hagerstown frequently. They lived in Germany prior to coming to this area when Walter Wolicki retired from the military. "We like it here," Judy Wolicki says.

One of the things they like is TCBY, The Country's Best Yogurt, at Longmeadow Shopping Center in Hagerstown. Because of the distance from their home, it's not too practical to run out just for a treat, but sometimes you have a tooth for something sweet, Judy Wolicki says.

Walter Wolicki is borderline diabetic, so he gets sugarfree frozen yogurt. Judy Wolicki doesn't have a real favorite, so she just goes for the special of the day. They also like to take treats home for their freezer.

- Once a week, often twice a week, the Swisher family drives from Falling Waters, W.Va., to Dairy Queen on Dual Highway in Hagerstown, according to Paulette Swisher. It's their favorite spot. "We're devoted. We're committed," she adds.

The whole family, which includes Paulette's husband, Norman, and children Ashley, 14 and Ryan, 18, makes the trip together. They usually choose different treats, then pass them around and share tastes.

Ashley likes the Butterfinger Blizzard. The Oreo cookie Blizzard is Ryan's favorite. Paulette opts for the extra thick chocolate milkshake and Norman traditionally chooses a hot fudge sundae.

- Patti Ridenour's favorite frozen treat is Dairy Queen's Breeze. She likes the Hawaiian variety - pineapple, coconut and banana blended into vanilla frozen yogurt. The 32-year-old Waynesboro, Pa., resident never has tried to recreate the confection at home. "It's strictly an event, a reason to go out," she says.

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