Thumbs up, thumbs down

June 20, 1997

To Jimmy Schenk, a 10-year-old Funkstown youth who's playing Little League baseball despite having acute lymphocytic leukemia. You've got guts, kid.

To Jason Karap and Melissa Barrett, two Washington County high school seniors who've won appointments to the U.S. Naval Academy and West Point, respectively. The military needs dedicated young people like these.

To Page Jackson Solar and T. Lowery elementary schools in Jefferson County, W.Va., for the hard work and innovative programs that won them statewide "School of Excellence" programs.

To the U.S. Congress, which has put together a deal to get its members a raise unless a majority of them vote against it. Wouldn't workers in the private sector, most of whom make less than $133,000, like this deal?


To broadcasting mogul Ted Turner, for offering to settle his ongoing dispute with media giant Rupert Murdoch in the boxing ring. Better this than one more lawsuit.

To Bill Cowden, Allegheny Power's operations director, for the nice treatment of his workers that won him the Professional Secretaries International award as Executive of the Year. He trusts his people, his secretary says.

To the late Thomas E. Shufflebarger Jr., who served as Morgan County Commissioner at an age when most have retired. His gentle manner and wit will be missed.

To Debbie Schoenadel and Vicki Koher, who each donated part of a lung to save the life of Jordy Carper, a Berkeley County, W.Va. boy who suffers from cystic fibrosis. Not all heroes act like Indiana Jones.

To the Washington County roads union, for offering to settle its dispute with government by agreeing to a pact that doesn't ask for anything more than they're getting now.

To convicted kidnapper Mark Johnson, who says his kidnapping conviction should be voided because he thought the guy he kidnapped was dead when the victim was put in the trunk of his car. A mistake anyone could make.

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