Raccoon kiled in county tests positive for rabies

June 20, 1997

INDIAN SPRINGS, Md. - A raccoon that was killed in Indian Springs Tuesday tested positive for rabies, according to the Washington County Health Department.

Two dogs were bitten by the raccoon and were put down, owner Lisa Leisher said Friday. Leisher said the raccoon attacked her dogs on their farm Tuesday morning before being shot by a neighbor. The dogs had been scheduled for booster shots Saturday because their original shots had expired a month or two earlier, she said.

Leisher said she didn't want to take a chance with two small children in the house. Leisher said her husband shot another raccoon last Friday.

"I saw another one on the way home tonight," she said.

Leisher said the public should be aware that there were rabid raccoons in the area and said people should make sure their pets' shots are up to date.


Health Department spokeswoman Betty Shank said people should in general avoid contact with wild animals and said there was no risk of contracting rabies if their was no exposure to the rabid animal.

"We certainly want to caution people to keep their distance and keep their pets immunized."

Shank urged people with pets that have not been immunized to attend a pet immunization clinic today from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Washington County Adricultural Education Center at 7313 Sharpsburg Pike.

The shots cost $5. "You just can't beat that," she said.

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