City Council

June 12, 1997

Employee residency rules to ease on Oct. 1

City of Hagerstown employees will no longer have to live in Maryland starting Oct. 1, although some city officials don't agree like the idea.

City officials said they would approve a new residency requirement that doesn't address general city employees, but that continues to direct that the city administrator and newly hired department managers must live in the city.

Legislators approved a law last spring that will allow local government employees to live outside Maryland.

The city's previous residency requirement dictating that general employees had to live in Washington County was overruled by state law in 1995. "We're losing control of our city," said City Councilman William M. Breichner.


"I don't know why we bother with a charter. Might as well throw it in the drink," Breichner said.

Councilman J. Wallace "Wally" McClure said the law would make more sense if it were based on employees' response time to get to the city in case of an emergency.

Council releases $280,000 for ice rink

The Hagerstown City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to approve the release of another $280,000 in taxpayer money to help pay for the ongoing construction of the $2.3 million ice rink at the Hagerstown Fairgrounds.

City Council members, including the two newcomers Alfred W. Boyer and J. Wallace "Wally" McClure, approved releasing the funds during a brief special meeting before their afternoon work session.

With Tuesday's vote, city officials have released $680,000 of the city's $1.2 million share in the project.

That money will be repaid to the city with interest over a maximum of 15 years through monthly rental payments by the Washington County Sports Foundation. The nonprofit foundation will operate the rink, which is scheduled to open on Aug. 15.

Before releasing the funds, city staff verified that the foundation had raised another $95,537 toward its $1.1 million share of the project. So far, the foundation has raised a total of $717,537.

The Hagerstown Ice and Sports Complex will include a National Hockey League-size rink, bleachers, a pro shop, concession stands, an office, a rental equipment area and a community room.

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