Thumbs up, thumbs down

June 06, 1997

To former Waynesboro High pitching star Matt White, for spending five innings signing autographs during his first visit to Hagerstown as a pro ball player. Never forget the fans, Matt.

To Austin Abraham, Hagerstown's special projects coordinator, for the two years he spent as president of Community Action Council's board, winning him volunteer of the year honors from the Maryland Association of CAC agencies.

To Hagerstown Attorney Carl Disque and the many other volunteers working hard on this weekend's Western Maryland Blues Fest. They call it the blues, but it makes lots of folks happy.

To the Maryland General Assembly lawmakers from the metro areas who killed last year's milk price-support bill. Now that the prices have dropped to 1982 levels, maybe they'll help when the farms are rezoned for development.


To President Bill Clinton, who's got enough time to host a cable TV rock `n' roll special, but not enough to lobby Congress to break a logjam over federal flood relief. What priorities!

To Chambersburg Police Chief Michael DeFrank, for the hard work he did to win election as the president of the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association. No matter how big or small the city, the problem of crime is present.

To Maryland Del. Bruce Poole, for telling Sharpsburg officials that state delegates don't control distribution of state funds. They do if they've got the clout to go out and get it.

To Washington County Circuit Judge Fred Wright III, for reaffirming the life without parole sentence of Tim Sucik, for the 1994 stabbing death of his wife. This guy hasn't shown any remorse for this terrible act.

To Marie Vanden Bosche, a Maryland University medical student, for graduating on time, despite the loss of her leg when a drunk driver struck her. You've got guts; we salute you.

To Alternative Learning Center art teacher Kevin Cuppett, for teaching students about what inspired teamwork can accomplish with their project to "wrap" the ALC building. Thanks for helping these kids make a positive memory.

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