Group unveils its vision for Waynesboro

June 04, 1997


Staff Writer, Waynesboro

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - Vision 2015, a small group of Waynesboro area residents and businessmen hoping to instill a sense of destiny in the community's planning for the 21st century, aired its vision publicly for the first time Tuesday night to an audience of a dozen people, mostly local officials from Waynesboro and adjacent Washington Township.

Tonight Quincy and Mont Alto, the two other incorporated communities making up the greater Waynesboro area, will hear the same presentation.

The two meetings are designed to show citizens and local government and civic leaders the goals of the fledgling group, which is fashioning itself after Chambersburg 2000 Partnership, that community's effort to plan for the next century.


"Waynesboro is a community without a vision," said Jeff Rock, co-chairman with Paul Gunder of Vision 2015.

Both are local businessmen. The group organized in the spring of 1996 with help from the local Rotary Club, said Rock, moderator for Tuesday's meeting at Waynesboro Middle School.

"We are seeing dramatic changes in this community and it should send a message that there are things we need to address," Rock said.

Representatives from the four municipalities have been involved in the effort from the start, he said.

"Our goal is to form a partnership with the municipalities," Rock said.

The first step is letting people know that Vision 2015 exists. The second will be to seek ideas from business, government, educational and civic leaders and residents on what they think is needed to improve the community in regional matters and areas such as transportation, education, economic development and quality of life, Rock said.

Vision 2015 will create a forum and establish workshops for the exchange of ideas, he said.

"We will become a planning resource, an expression of community will, a collector of ideas and a conduit," Rock said.

He said he was not disappointed that more people didn't show up because the meeting coincided with the local high school graduation.

"The reality is that unless it affects people in their backyard or in their pocketbooks they won't get involved," said County Commissioner Bob Thomas, who came from Chambersburg to attend the meeting.

He said his eyes were opened when he learned about the Chambersburg 2000 Partnership and the effect it has had on that community. He urged the organizers not to be discouraged by the small turnout.

"You will see an exchange of ideas and dialogue. Communication between the municipalities will improve. This forum is a reason to get together. I've seen that in Chambersburg.

"Waynesboro is changing," Thomas said. "Look at all the farms that have become homes and businesses. That's your future. This organization is trying to grasp what's good here and hold onto it."

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