Bones with handcuffs sent off for analysis

June 04, 1997


Staff Writer, Waynesboro

McCONNELLSBURG, Pa. - Workers found bones bound with what appear to be handcuffs under a home in rural Fulton County Tuesday, and authorities were trying to determine if they are human, Pennsylvania State Police said.

The bones, found under a porch in Burnt Cabins, Pa., have been sent to an anthropologist, police said.

Trooper J.K. Adams said the bones appear to be a radius and ulna, two bones in human forearms. Jack Levisky, a forensic anthropologist at York College in York, Pa., is studying the bones for police, Adams said.

Levisky said he is examining the bones with a magnifying glass. He called the work "highly detailed and time-consuming."

Adams said he sent a photo of the cuffs to a historian in Gettysburg, Pa., for a more detailed study. They consist of two loops and metal chain. One loop was wrapped around the bones when they were found.


Adams said Tuesday they don't appear to be strong enough to be police handcuffs. They appear to be a device used to restrain a small animal like a goat or sheep, he said.

One of the workers dismantling the porch saw part of the cuff-like device protruding from the dirt and pulled on it, police said. That's when the bones appeared.

Other bones identified as animal bones also were found under the porch, police said.

"This is a very historic area. There was a lot of Civil War activity around there," Adams said. "It could be anything. If they turn out to be human bones we will step up our investigation," he said.

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