Sucik gets life - again

June 04, 1997


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Convicted murderer Timothy Ray Sucik appeared again before Washington County Circuit Judge Frederick C. Wright III for sentencing Tuesday and again he got life without parole for the 1994 stabbing death of his wife.

The resentencing was the upshot of a February ruling by Maryland's highest court that a pre-sentence investigation is necessary in such cases.

Sucik had not asked for a pre-sentence investigation.

Maintaining his innocence to the end, Sucik still managed to upset the family of the late Marian Sucik by declaring in open court, and in profane language, that he was glad she was dead.


"The Maryland Court of Appeals in its opinion indicated that the sanction of life without parole is for special cases," Wright said. "I think this is a special occasion."

Wright was referring to Sucik's demeanor at his trial and sentencings and especially to a letter he sent to family members since the slaying, the jury trial and beyond.

Mary Reid, grandmother of the victim, said her most recent letter came in January, on the third anniversary of the death.

"The envelope said, `Can't we be friends?' and then inside he said what he would do to Marian's grave if he were to get out of prison," Reid said.

Washington County State's Attorney M. Kenneth Long Jr. said the information that surfaced in the pre-sentence investigation supported the original sentence of life without parole.

Sucik, 30, was first sentenced to life without parole in Washington County Circuit Court in January 1995, almost a year after he stabbed Marian Sucik to death on the corner of East Antietam and South Mulberry streets in Hagerstown.

A medical examiner testified Marian Sucik was stabbed repeatedly with a six-inch kitchen knife. Two of the wounds punctured her heart.

Sucik, her estranged husband, was later charged and convicted.

At the trial, information surfaced that Sucik had been in a Pennsylvania prison in the early 1990s, serving a sentence of 3 1/2 years to 10 years after pleading guilty to aggravated assault of a previous wife, according to court documents.

The former wife required hospital treatment, records said.

Not long after his release, Marian and Timothy Sucik were married on Aug. 15, 1992. He was still on parole for the previous attack, court records said.

On Jan. 24, 1994, Sucik went to the King Street doctor's office where Marian worked as a secretary, according to court records. Witnesses saw the two walk together to Sucik's car, which was parked a block away on Mulberry Street.

They argued and she walked away but he caught up to her, pushed her and began stabbing her, the witnesses said.

Sucik is serving his sentence at the Maryland Penitentiary in Jessup.

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