Medicaid - what to expect

June 03, 1997

What to expect if you're currently on Medicaid:

  • Everyone on Medicaid must fill out forms or call to enroll in HealthChoice.
  • Forms and a HealthChoice Information packet will be delivered between now and October.
  • The packet provides details comparing the four managed care groups.
  • You will have 21 days to tell the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene with which group you wish to enroll.
  • You may enroll by phone or mail.
  • To keep your current doctors, find out if they are signed on with one of the four groups by calling their office and asking.
  • If your doctor is signed up and able to keep you as a patient, you still must fill out the enrollment forms, or enroll by phone.
  • For enrollment information to or to enroll by phone call: 1-800-977-7388.

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