Boating safety tips

May 23, 1997

- Tell someone where you'll be. Before you leave on a ride, tell someone where you are going and when you will return. If you run into problems this will help authorities find you.

- Never go out alone; use the buddy system. Ride with someone in a boat or on another personal watercraft.

- Know your limits and ride according to your abilities, not anyone else's.

- Don't over-do the first few rides. Personal Water Crafts are light and agile, but they can wear you down physically.

- Don't exceed the load limit.

- Know how to swim. If you don't know - learn.

- Wear a Personal Flotation Device.

- Rescue. If someone is in trouble in the water, use elementary rescue methods first, such as throwing something that floats to the victim. Only as a last resort should you ever enter the water to save someone. Even then, take a buoyant object like a flotation device with you. As a boater, you are obligated to render assistance to someone in distress.


- In the event of a boating accident, contact the Natural Resources Police at 1-410-267-7740 or 1-800-628-9944.

- Samantha Krulewitz

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