Thumbs up, thumbs down

May 16, 1997

To Hagerstown City Police Officers Marvin Weedon, Barbara Schroyer and other local officers recently honored for their 1996 heroics. Never forget: they're there to keep us safe.

To Chambersburg High School's Cultural Society, a group begun to encourage students to break out of cliques and small groups that prevent them from having new experiences and learning about folks different from themselves.

To Josh Morris and all the other adult mentors helping students at Hagerstown's Fountaindale Elementary School with a variety of subjects. A gift of time now will make a difference forever.

To the Washington County Commissioners, for yet another delay in filling the economic development director's post, vacant since October 1995. The last finalist didn't want to live here, a problem which should have been noted earlier.


To Ryan Maziarka, a Norfolk, Va., man who ordered vanity plates that read "Zyklon B," a poison used in the Nazi Holocaust, which, by the way, Ryan says never happened.

To Roger Katz, a 50-year-old Santa Fe teacher who told a judge he dated a 14-year-old student because he'd known her in past life. And we thought we'd heard every variation on the criminal-as-victim story.

To Jim Kraus, 71, the new president of the Long Meadow Fire Company. As he says, he'll never ride a fire truck, but his administrative and fund-raising help is invaluable.

To West Virginia State Trooper Paul Burton of Beckley, who continued pursuing an armed robbery suspect, even though the man had shot him in the leg. Burton refused all medical help until the suspect was nabbed.

To Jefferson County Sheriff William Senseney, for his proposal to use non-violent offenders to perform county work, instead of spending money to lock them up. Let's do it.

To the CSX Corp., for giving the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad just a few days' notice it was shutting down the popular excursion trains that have run to Orioles' home games for the last five years.

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