Wickleins fight jewelry store foreclosure

May 13, 1997


Staff Writer

Hagerstown City Councilwoman Susan Saum-Wicklein and her husband have filed an injunction to stop a pending foreclosure on their downtown jewelry store.

NationsBank filed the foreclosure notice on May 1, saying Saum-Wicklein and her husband, Michael Wicklein, were $23,535 behind on a $71,700 loan. The arrears includes penalty and interest, according to the foreclosure notice.

Saum Wicklein said the bank is in error and that she's never missed a payment on the 1991 business loan.

The injunction, along with a deposit of $10,603, were filed in Washington County Circuit Court May 9.

"I can't allow a big-city bank and a big-city lawyer to push us around like this,'' Saum-Wicklein said Tuesday.

The foreclosure battle is being fought just days before the May 20 city election in which Saum-Wicklein is seeking a third term.


The injunction says the Wickleins were notified in late March that there were problems with the loan.

Since then, the injunction says, Saum-Wicklein, her husband and their attorney, Roger Schlossberg, have kept up a barrage of letters and telephone calls to get the matter straightened out.

Saum-Wicklein said she's had trouble getting the bank to respond to requests for a detailed loan history and other documents.

A secretary in the office of NationsBank attorney Allan P. Feigelson's said Tuesday he would have no comment for this story.

In the injunction, Schlossberg said the couple has faithfully made all payments on the loan and has only 11 more payments to make to close it out.

The injunction asks the court to stop the foreclosure and dismiss the case.

In an interview Tuesday, Schlossberg said the Wickleins found out by accident that foreclosure proceedings had begun.

While the bank was not required to serve papers immediately, Schlossberg said, professional courtesy and the fact that his clients had been trying to sort out the disagreement should have dictated different behavior.

Saum-Wicklein vowed to resolve the matter.

"It's a business matter that has to be dealt with,'' she said. "But this has been an interesting experience.''

Saum-Wicklein is president of Saum's Jewelers at 2-4 W. Washington St.

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