Mail call

May 13, 1997

"I enjoyed the article about the tax hike and the sewer mess by Tim Rowland but I would disagree with him. He makes the statement that Greg Snook, Jim Wade, John Shank and Lee Downey had little or nothing to do with the creating of the sewer debt. That isn't necessarily true. John Shank has been in there for six years, Lee Downey had a four-year reprieve but he was in there before '90 and then came back in '94. And also Greg Snook was in during this debt creating. That statement was not necessarily true and I'd like to point this out."

"To the guy who wants a smart, non-chewing gum, intelligent, classy woman. If you think the women here in Hagerstown are bad, you should see some of the single ones out here where I live. If you take a look at these women you'd realize that the women in Hagerstown aren't so bad after all. If these don't scare you nothing will. "


"After reading Commissioner Ron Bowers' comment to a Herald-Mail reporter published in the Sunday edition of the newspaper, any opponent of Ron Bowers in the next county commissioner's election should hang the following sign up in their campaign headquarters. Quote, 'It's the Sewer Crisis.'"

"I find it hard to believe that Commissioners Downey and Bowers would pay $1.2 million for a tract of land and then proceed to landlock it because of the complaints of 10 people. They could have offered a reasonable amount of damages to those 10 people if in fact they were damaged. A bridge across the creek to gain access to this land will cost at least $5 million and before the landfill is filled up, the bridge that will have to be replaced worth several more millions. This latest financial blunder makes one wonder what else is lurking in the 1990 Commissioners' closets."

"I believe that painting gaudy murals will give this town a cheap and tacky appearance."

"I want Mayor Sager to know that he has been one of the best mayors that this town has had for a long, long time and I've lived here for 70 years."

"To the guy who can't find an intelligent woman that doesn't chew gum or doesn't enjoy NASCAR races and so on. If you want a beauty go find one in Frederick or somewhere else that women aren't hicks. You are a real piece of work. What about men that don't know the meaning of a shave, a haircut, a bath or no earrings? Some men lay around in bars drunk all the time, then they run around in sloppy tank tops with their big beer bellies hanging out. Boy, are those guys handsome or what? I'd like to see what you look like. Not all Hagerstown women are like you portray them buddy. So if you're as desperate as you say, then go look elsewhere because you're not worthy of any women around here."

"To the very fine people complaining about when the mail arrives. So what if the mail is delivered at 10 a.m. or 5 p.m., you still get it don't you? These people must live a very pitiful life if all they do is sit around the house all day waiting for the mail. It wouldn't surprise me if you all also sit around and watch to see if the sun comes up in the morning and sets in the evening. I think you all need psychiatric help. I hope you don't drive a car because just waiting for the traffic signals to change would probably send you over the edge mentally and I for one, wouldn't want to be there."

"Happy birthday on May 14 to Dawn from Samantha, Justin and Melvin."

"Jesus is alive, Jesus is alive. Because he lives I can face tomorrow and whoever thinks that he isn't is doomed."

"To the lady who wanted to know how to get gum out of clothing. There is a liquid called 'Goo-Gone.' It removes stickers, gum, tar, crayons, grease and tape. Most stores have it and it has a citrus smell. It's made in the USA by the Magic America Corporation and you can find it in Wal-Mart, CVS or just about any place."

"I would like to thank everybody that took care of me during my serious illness and I'll give some names. Kimberly, Nancy, Helen, Ida and all the girls at the hospital. I thank them very, very much and I'd also like to thank Dr. Allen Cheery who is terrific. Thank you all very, very much."

"The caller is absolutely correct saying that homosexuals do not chose their lifestyle. They are born with this just like some people are born with blue eyes or green eyes or blonde hair or red hair. What the homosexuals do choose is whether to admit that they are what God made them is their only choice and I as a heterosexual respect them whatever their choice and so should we all. How we treat and respect our higher diversity of fellow human beings, all of which are children of God, will determine our place in the Kingdom of Heaven."

"Caller, I believe there is a store at the Valley Mall called 'Cash Registers Are Us'. I think you might be able to get one there and if not, there always seems to be a business leaving Washington County. Maybe the County Commissioners can help."

"The person looking for a cash register can find them by calling 301-745-5879."

"I want to know why in Hagerstown they don't print the names of teenagers who have been caught drinking and driving or whatever? It would really be nice to know who those people are and maybe if their names were printed in the newspaper they'd be a little more embarrassed and not do it again."

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