Mail call

May 05, 1997

Mail call

Taxes are a sore spot for everyone on fixed incomes. How are taxes determined. I feel they should be by square footage. Look at all the new homes that are sitting idle. Taxes are not paid until a sold sign appears. Too much favoratism. Every property should pay their fair share. If a property is taking up land they should pay. Why not audit all properties? Maryland is one of the fifth highest tax states.

In the evening paper, the 29th of April the county commissioners are talking about upping the subsidy on the water and sewer from $2.7 million to $3.7 million. My question is this? We people that live in the county who are on septic systems and wells, when our septic system goes bad or our wells get struck by lightning and the wells go out, who's going subsidize us, who's going to help us? I just wanted to ask the county commissioners that?


To the person that thinks that the public schools are cut up and the private ones aren't. Did they ever think that maybe there's nothing to cut up about them? Do they know something we don't?

It's very clear to see through the need for a property and income tax increase here in Washington County. The increase in funding sought by the Sheriff's Dept. and the Board of Education would be easy to pay for if we didn't have to put $2.7 million dollars from the general fund into the sewer dept. The need for a tax increase is definitely caused by our sewer crisis.

The lady that bought the bassinet from me at the yard sale outside of Boonsboro on Alternate 40. Please call me at 301-791-2185. I have found the part to the bassinet. Thank you.

I wish that people would stop making so many broad statements. There was recently a quote in the paper that the general public accepted the tailpipe test. That isn't true. Many people may have resigned themselves to it since trying to get the bureacracy to undo their mistakes is like beating their head against a brick wall. But there is a big difference between acceptance and resignation. Washington County should be exempt from emission testing and people should keep opposing it until they win. The fact is nature heals itself.

I'm wondering how much money its costing the county to have 6-10 men working on a deadend street Pope Ave., laying around, standing around, laughing, sitting in the truck, hollering at each other, on a deadend street. I feel that this is wasted money. There are streets in this town that really need repairs and we're fixing up a dead end street. Do the neighbors right there have some pull with the county? I think this should be looked into. A lot of wasted money.

Now that Gersen the school superintendent is leaving town, all we need for him to do is take the county commissioners and the mayor with him. Then we could have a holiday called Washington County Holiday. He might screw up New York and God help them.

Could someone please call in to Mail Call and let someone know who you can get in touch with to get a fast food service in Boonsboro so the young people coming out of school this year, I don't mean graduates but young teenagers that are just going to be on the streets. These young people in Boonsboro need a job that they can walk to, and not have to have transportation. So please talk to the mayor of Boonsboro and tell him we need a fast-food restaurantin this little town.

I thought South High was in dire need of renovations? Apparently not, if they are going to spend $50,000 for the Rebel Band's new uniforms. Which is more important, looking good or having a safe environment?

I'm so glad to see Wayne Gersen leaving. But please Board of Education, don't throw him a going away party with our school's money. Just let him go! Out kids need that money not him!

I don't think I'll be watching Ellen. If I wanted to watch trash, I would go to the landfill and watch the trucks unloading.

Yes, this is to Mail Call. It's about the Daily Mail paper. Would someone explain to me why when South High or North High does something they always get a big article but as a Williamsport band member's mother, can you please tell me why when Williamsport does something they only get a small article.

To the person who was interested in Wild Turkey bottles, if they would call The Daily Mail at 301-791-7647 and ask for Tony, they can get more information about the bottles.

I see where Sheriff Mades wants more money to have more deputies to stop problems at the jail. Let's see, we gave him more money for more road deputies to stop crime but that still increases. That's just like his salary, he's spending too much money now.

Today a caller is asking for financial help. He can't get it because he makes $19,000 per year. On 60 Minutes last Sunday, a homeless woman lives in an apartment in New York City and is paid $27,000 a year. I suppose she also gets food stamps. He should try being homeless. It pays.

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