Thumbs up, thumbs down

May 02, 1997

To Hagerstown officials for giving city police overtime cash to put additional officers on the street until more can be hired. Nobody will complain about the cost of this government service.

To Councilwoman Susan Saum-Wicklein and the Association for the Preservation of Civil War Sites, for working hard to make Hagerstown the hub of Civil War tourism activity. Last week's convention is just the beginning.

To Penny Florek of the Washington County Hospital, for the hard work that won her Secretary of the Year honors for 1997. As she said, a good secretary is the backbone of any company.

To any member of the Washington County Gaming Commission tempted to give the Maryland Theatre $130,000 to pay off its debts. Until there's new management, a real business plan and an up-to-date audit, don't give 'em a cent.


To Lisa M. Widmyer of Hagerstown, convicted of tying up a live dog and throwing it into a dumpster. A 100-hour stint scooping dog poop at an animal shelter is just what she deserves.

To third graders at the Mary B. Sharpe Elementary School in Chambersburg, Pa., whose class project is writing pen pal letters to residents of the Menno Haven senior citizens complex. Some compassionate kids, we'd say.

To Franklin County, Pa. officials, who are saving $1 million a year with a new juvenile justice program that emphasizes prevention and counseling for young offenders.

To teachers, parents and fellow classmates of Bester Elementary student Bradley Palmer, for raising $1,400 last week during a yard and bake sale to help with the young leukemia student's incidental expenses.

To pro golfer Fuzzy Zoeller, not content with losing his tour sponsor, for continuing to make racially insensitive remarks about black people. You've been out in the sun too long, Fuzzy.

To the Hagerstown City Council, for rejecting Mayor Steve Sager's proposal to redesign the facade of a building the city hopes to sell to a private owner. We're with the council; let the new owner foot the bill.

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