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May 01, 1997

As prom advisor of Williamsport High School, I wish to thank everyone that made this year's prom a tremendous success. Many applauds to the junior committee members for their hard work, the administration faculty and staff for their support, and the many parentsn who lent helping hands. Thanks also to the fine staff at the Elks Club for their support. My only regret is that the people who have called in and complained about the appropriate dress being a tuxedo only, did not have the facts. Yes this was a formal occasion but through announcements for two weeks during school hours it was made known to the school body that the appropriate dress for men was a tuxedo or a suit jacket and pants. They were also advised to ask an administrative person if they had any questions.

There's so much money being spent on beautifying the downtown but nothing being done to clean up around the outskirts of town which people do travel. Around these railroads tracks and vacant lots it looks horrible and doesn't beautify anything. I think it should be cleaned up.


It's sickening to have this coverage on radio, TV and paper about Ellen's coming out party where she lets people know she is a lesbian. This is sick and no big deal. I'd be ashamed about the whole thing. It would be better if she would change her lifestyle and become one of God's children. That would be great.

It is certainly good news to hear that the superintendent of schools is leaving. It can't be soon enough. It's too bad he doesn't take some of the principals with him who insist on raising grades and dummying down tests at parents whim.

Many thanks to the Herald-Mail for the new TV guides. It's fabulous. I can look at it now at a glance and know what is on and keep up the good work. Thank you.

Now that Gersen's gone, hopefully we can get rid of some of those other Bozos at the Board of Education like the supervisors who are supervising teachers that have never had any classroom experience. Maybe from there they can retain some of the good competent teachers and get rid of some of them who are less competent and less qualified who don't spend any quality time with the kids and really care about the kids. Let's do something to shape up this Board of Education and get it on track.

To all my Earnhardt fans. Earnhardt is on his way back looking better and better every week. Keep on rolling Baby, love ya!

This is a reader of your column. I would just like to say, that if all the millionaires would follow the woman's example that gave the $2,000 to each of the flood victims what a wonderful world this would be.

My goodness, I can get on with my life finally. Chelsea Clinton picked Stanford. I've been so worried and so concerned for so long and finally I see in the paper this evening that Chelsea picked Stanford. I can get on with my life now, I'm so happy.

The Civil War is interesting. Hearing people complain is not!

I'd like to ask a question why is it taking such a long time to complete whatever repairs are necessary on the bridge on Rt. 66 and I-70. We all travel that road a lot, and it's terrible the speed that they work at. We haven't seen much progress, and not to mention the numerous number of fatal accidents that have been there since they started working on the bridge. Please give me a response when anyone knows when that project is to be finished. Call in to Mail Call. Thanks.

Hi, this is to Wayne Gersen. I don't blame you for leaving this area. You are doing the right thing. Thank you.

Tim Rowland, please don't complain about the microscopic print in the telephone book. Have you tried to read the TV guide that the Herald Mail has come up with? You need both a magnifying glass and a ruler to try to read what is on TV. It is not my glasses because I just got a new pair. I have 20 -30 vision. Goodbye.

I am responding to a letter listed in Mail Call. (Does anyone know where I can get help for my anger? I take things out on my wife.) I am with the Washington County Health Department Substance Abuse - Prevention Services - Domestic Violence Team. We can be reached and offer help to this person at 791-3054 ask for Jim or Mary. Thank you.

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