Hundreds celebrate Earth Day

April 21, 1997


Staff Writer, Waynesboro

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - Spread out on blankets, flying kites in the meadow or walking the trails at Renfrew Park, hundreds of people celebrated Earth Day on Sunday simply by enjoying their natural surroundings.

For the seventh year, organizers at Renfrew Institute for Cultural and Environmental Studies invited the public to renew their appreciation for the planet through activities, entertainment, educational exhibits, and programs.

"We hold this for two reasons: First, to celebrate what we have here, and second, to renew our commitment to preserve and protect the natural environment around us," said Melodie Anderson-Smith, director of Renfrew Institute.


Members of Waynesboro High School's ecology club sacrificed their Sunday afternoon to peddle environmental-related bumper stickers, pins, T-shirts and other items. The members decided as a group to promote Earth Day by setting up their own exhibit and donating their proceeds to Renfrew Institute.

"We're here to help people realize they have to help save the Earth," said Jessi Woodring, 15.

Students representing local colleges also participated in the day's activities either by providing entertainment or staffing exhibits.

First grade students from Summitville Elementary School together read their "Valentine to Earth." Student art work based on the Earth Day theme decorated the grounds.

To some, celebrating Earth Day means becoming more aware of the environment.

"People can't just sit on their butts and watch while people cut down trees and the population grows," said Min Shepherd, 15. "We have to do something before the earth turns unlivable."

This year's Earth Day celebration was held in conjunction with the annual Renfrew Fun Fly, where hundreds of kite flyers launched their colorful aerodynamic creations of all shapes and sizes in the meadow behind the museum.

"This is also a chance for us to set an example for our children, it's an educational opportunity for people, and it's also a family day," said Anderson-Smith.

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