Mail call

April 18, 1997

Editor's note - Please be as brief as possible when calling Mail Call, The Daily Mail's reader call-in line.

Mail Call is not staffed on weekends or holidays so it is best to call Mail Call weekdays at 791-6236.

Readers are welcome to leave their recorded message on any topic they choose, but some calls are screened out.

Here are some of the calls we have received lately:

"So Brad, bashing the Orioles and me already? Sounds to me like you're really worried about you Yankees and the fact that your closer can't save a game. Ha, ha, ha. So how about that?"

"Mail Call has been rather quiet lately in terms of responses from the unionized Washington County Roads and landfill workers. I guess that all got that $500 bonus and that kept them quiet. I wonder why that is?"


"This is for the person who caused me to run off the Sharpsburg Pike Road at 12:35 Tuesday the 16th. I'm not angry, just thankful that my guardian angel was with me. You could have stopped to see if we were all right. The police couldn't do anything because we didn't hit each other. Maybe I should have just hit you when you turned over into my lane. It only cost my lady and I a blown out tire, front end damage and a few aches and pains. Fortunately, a couple with a dog stopped to see if we were OK and they couldn't understand why we didn't flip over. I thank them again. I feel you committed an O.J. or in other words, a perfect crime."

"I'll give Tiger Woods credit. He's a real good golfer but why doesn't he take both of his heritages and not just one, being black?"

"I'd like to know why the men haven't called in to let us know why they like the blondes so well? We haven't read a thing in the paper since it was put in. I've talked to a lot of blondes already and they are a sad case. I'd like to know the results from the men."

"I read about that Shepherdstown Farmer's Market. What is it, where is it at, when is it, how do I get there, what do they sell? I haven't heard anything about this farmer's market. Anyone got any information on that?"

"I live here in Sharpsburg, a beautiful little town. I've been here all my life. You people think that the County Commissioner should go, well, our town council should go, too. They're just as bad. We have a beautiful restaurant that just opened last year and they are finding anything they can to run this restaurant out of town. The council only helps those that are on the council or their families. Wake up people, go to the town meetings and make this town yours. You pay taxes, so show them what you want."

"I'm calling regarding the problem on Jefferson Boulevard. People just don't understand what the speed limit is. It's only 30 mph through here. In the 20000 block of Jefferson we've had four dogs hit, several accidents within a year and I think that someone needs to be aware of this and I believe that the police department ought to come out here and do radar and catch these people."

"Thank you Mail Call for printing my article about Cumberland Valley and Dr. Dolen but Dr. Dolen's name is Jen not Jan."

"I would like to trade with young people that are interested in plants, flowers, trees and shrubs. I have them if you are willing to come and dig and weed. Call Mail Call for a response."

"I think it's a shame that nothing's put in the paper about the private schools but boy, they sure do cut up the public schools. I think something should be done about these private schools. Why isn't there a piece in there about that?"

"Next time Rusty, run over them all and push them right out of the way. You can do it and we're all right behind you."

"To the caller telling me that the homeless people who stole pawned their items. Duh - no kidding! You obviously don't know satire when you read it because that's what my call was about. Why don't you try reading some of Tim Rowland's articles and if you think he is always serious, then you have no sense of satire and maybe even no sense of humor."

"Maybe if the County Commissioners wore their sign we could stop them. Here's your sign."

"Good evening Mail Call. I'd like to answer one of the questions of April 16th and why you can't have a fast food restaurant in Boonsboro at the old Tastee Freeze building. Because a bank is going into that building. That's one good reason."

"When the newspaper reports on an automobile accident, they would be as explicit as to whether the victims were black or white as they are to reporting that the victims were not wearing seat belts. Shame on such practices! You have to take one last act of revenge by noting the fact that they were not wearing seat belts. It's nobody else's business whether or not they were wearing seat belts. Another example of bleeding heart liberalism by the newspaper."

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