Officials put brake on septic problem

April 17, 1997


Staff Writer, Charles Town

CHARLES TOWN - Jefferson County residents should check the Yellow Pages to find septic waste haulers instead of the county going to the expense of renovating a waste treatment lagoon, county officials said.

Jefferson County officials called an emergency meeting on April 8 after being told by residents that homeowners with septic tanks were unable to get their waste pumped.

A local waste hauler had a 30-day waiting list, partially because he was no longer able to get the waste treated at the Charles Town treatment plant, officials said.


At the county's request, the Public Service District came up with a plan to use an old waste lagoon at the industrial park in Bardane, W.Va., to partially treat the waste so that it could go into the Charles Town treatment plant.

But Garland Moore, a member of the Jefferson County Development Authority, said that residents who have septic problems should call other septic waste haulers. He said there are several in Berkeley County who will go into Jefferson County for about the same price as the local hauler.

"I don't think the crisis is as bad as it's been made out to be," Moore said. "I think the idea of locating a public sewage plant in the middle of an industrial park is one of the worst ideas I've heard in a couple of years."

County officials had been considering a plant that would have cost more than $531,000, including work on the lagoon and equipment, and would have cost $50,200 a year to operate.

County Commissioner President James Knode said that from what he learned at Thursday's meeting, he does not believe the plan should go forward.

"That's a proposal for non-action," Knode said.

County Commissioner James Ruland said that he believes a countywide study should be conducted on the long-term sewer and water needs of the county.

County Commissioner Edgar Ridgeway said the septic problem could be a "catalyst" to looking at other sewer and water issues in the county.

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