Jefferson County school head to retire

April 15, 1997


Staff Writer, Charles Town

CHARLES TOWN, W.Va. - Superintendent Jud Romine announced Monday night he will retire as head of Jefferson County schools at the end of June, making this his last school year after 33 years in the county.

Romine, 55, started his career as an English and social studies teacher and a football coach at the old high school at Harpers Ferry, W.Va.

He spent his entire career with the Jefferson County school system, rising to the top post three years ago.

Romine became eligible to retire last November when he turned 55 and had discussed it with his wife, Laura Jean Romine, he said.


"It'll be nice to do some things we haven't had time to do," he said.

"There's obviously good reasons to retire," said school board president Pete Dougherty. "It's certainly a loss for us. It'll be extremely difficult for us to find someone who'll work as hard," he said.

"I don't relish the idea of trying to find someone to replace you," Dougherty said to Romine.

Romine followed the lead of his four sisters who were school teachers. His brother also is in education as an assistant superintendent in another school system.

He taught school for several years before moving up the administrative ranks. He was assistant superintendent of schools before being named superintendent.

As assistant superintendent, he oversaw a more than $18 million school construction program which led to the creation of T.A. Lowery School and new additions put on other school buildings.

He also has been overseeing a more than $10 million expansion of Jefferson High School this year.

Romine said that after so many years, it is difficult to point to the accomplishment of which he is most proud.

But he said he is pleased to have spent his entire career in one county because he's gotten to become part of the community.

He said he runs into former students he taught in the 1960s who now have children in school.

"I don't think I could have picked a better place to be, whatever brought me here," Romine said.

"I appreciate you all giving me the opportunity to be here," he said. "It's been an enjoyable experience."

Romine said he believes he leaves the school system considerably stronger than when he inherited a $600,000 budget deficit.

Romine said he intends to remain in Jefferson County and offered his services to the board should his help ever be needed.

"I'll remain a strong supporter of Jefferson County schools," Romine said.

Dougherty said that a search will start soon for a replacement for Romine. He said he would like to have a replacement hired by July 1.

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