Letters to the editor

April 14, 1997

Discovery Station on the way

To the editor:

Discovery Station at Hagerstown Inc., has grown up from a community dream into an active effort to create a hands-on science and history center in downtown Hagerstown. Our volunteers are planning to open a retail store in the fall of this year, featuring merchandise related to science, technology and local history. In 1998, we hope to have the Grand Opening for the interactive exhibit area. We have not secured a permanent location for Discovery Station yet or finalized any of our plans, however, because we must first raise funds to make everything possible.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank some very important people in this community who have given us an exciting head start in developing our store and exhibit center.

Thank you to Honeywell Inc. which recently granted us a gift of $500 for the purchase of store and exhibit fixtures. This corporate contribution is the first of many, we hope, from a very generous local business community.


Thank you to Diana Stoner, Manager at the Newberry's (McCrory's) at the Valley Mall. With her kind guidance, Discovery Station was able to select and purchase store fixtures and equipment at an affordable cost from that store's liquidation sale.

I must also thank our Discovery Station volunteers who generously donated their time (and strength) to disassemble and move our "new" fixtures during lunch hours and into the late afternoon. Thank you to Nick Baccala of Cherry Run Woodworking; Dave Barnhart of Hagerstown Trust Company; Bill Little of William A. Little Construction; and to Carolyn Lachenmayr, who envisions a bright, new future for these war-weary store shelves and display racks.

Finally, we wish to extend our appreciation to the City of Hagerstown for providing storage space for our "new" equipment until Discovery Station has a permanent home of its own.

As a future educational center and tourist attraction, Discovery Station at Hagerstown Inc. belongs to the people of this community. Anyone who would like more information about volunteer opportunities and/or much needed contributions is invited to write to us: Discovery Station at Hagerstown Inc., P.O. Box 2474, Hagerstown, Md. 21741-2474.

Beverly A. Baccala

Acting President

Discovery Station

Make a run

To the editor:

Three elections ago I seriously considered running for the office of County Commissioner. After making some inquiries I learned that if I hoped to mount a viable challenge, I would need to have up to $25,000.

Being a working class person, this of course was out of the question, so I chose to work for the re-election of our then president of the board. I solicited money and contributed on my own, I handed out literature, put signs in my yard and worked outside the poles. My candidate was re-elected.

Since then I have often wondered why I never received a thank you note or phone call for my efforts. I have also since spoken to my candidate on several occasions, still no mention of thanks. Is this because I did not contribute enough or work hard enough? Or is it because I had outlived my usefulness?

The real purpose of this editorial is to submit a plea to at least five good and true citizens of this county who will put the welfare of the county and its citizens above their personal welfare and who do not have a personal agenda. I am sure you are out there. I feel sure that any good, honest working person can be elected if they are interested in helping all the other good, honest working people.

The time for a wholesale change on the Board of Commissioners has come. All incumbents must go. The only way this can happen is if you have good and true citizens run and defeat the board that has led us to financial ruin as well as making our county the laughing stock of the state.

Do you need $25,000? Maybe not, if you bring the proper message.

Were I younger and healthier, I would do my best to defeat them by running. This not being the case, I implore you to make your plans now to be on the next elected Board of County Commissioners.

Ronald F. Hovis


Government's map

To the editor:

Have you ever tried to find your way without a map? You must depend on memory or someone's experience. That is how County Commissioners function in carrying out their administrative duties.

A charter is like a map. It is a county "Constitution" describing the structure, policies, and limits of authority. It stipulates procedures and safeguards needed to pass strictly local laws.

In regard to the present controversy, all charters have a section on personnel policies. These may or may not consider collective bargaining.

Changes must be handled legislatively, i.e. by local laws. All procedures give opportunity for the public to be heard.

Margaret Comstock


Wade's wrong

To the editor:

To Washington County Commissioner James Wade:

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