Mail call

April 11, 1997

Editor's note - Please be as brief as possible when calling Mail Call, The Daily Mail's reader call-in line.

Mail Call is not staffed on weekends or holidays so it is best to call Mail Call weekdays at 791-6236.

Readers are welcome to leave their recorded message on any topic they choose, but some calls are screened out.

Here are some of the calls we have received lately:

"After reading in the paper that the police say the drug problem is not getting any better, I got to thinking... Why not? The police are arresting a large amount of dealers and users. Then after reading the drug convictions I can understand why the drug problem is not getting any better. Almost all of the sentences the judges give the drug offenders are probation, probation, $100 fine and time served, $250 fine and probation, more probations and fines, this goes on and on. A little fine is nothing to a drug dealer. They pay their fine and are right back out on the streets selling their drugs again, so we have gained nothing by arresting them. The police and DEA are doing a great job in getting these offenders off the streets but most of the judges just put them right back in circulation again. Come on judges, get stricter and show these drug offenders we mean business in this town."


"This is to the person who called back and said that I was subjecting myself to a thief. I work at the Williamsport Nursing Home and they'd have to get through my car alarm first. I'm not that stupid and I don't carry money in my purse. What do you need money to go to work in a nursing home?"

"It's Tuesday night and I just finished watching the first half of Larry King Live which included the Rev. Jerry Farewell and Chastity Bono who is a lesbian. I was just curious as to why these so-called Christians like Jerry Farewell continue to preach intolerance of people who are gay or lesbian? Why do they continue to preach that the Bible says we are not to tolerate people who are of a different sexual orientation? I don't think these people are true Christians when they do not tolerate other people's so-called lifestyles or sexual orientation. I have a real problem with that and I'd like to pose this question to Mail Call readers all over the Tri-State area and the question is this - do you or would you tolerate your own child if their sexual orientation were gay or lesbian?"

"This is Wednesday April 9 and this session of the Maryland Legislature is finally over and what did our local delegation accomplish? Nothing! Zero! Zilch! But to hear them tell it, you'd think they did all kinds of miracles. You know what I'd like to see happen? I think all the County Commissioners should be elected to the Maryland General Assembly. Is there any law that says they couldn't serve as both County Commissioners and delegates to the legislation? Think about it."

"To the ones that took Jesse Shoemaker's goat, his money and all his belongings. He still has two roosters, a hen and his squirrel left. You probably missed them the first time."

"Let me get this right. We have a Superintendent of our schools who makes $80,000-plus a year yet we're going to hire someone to run an ice rink, a sport facility, for the same price and we can't even keep our Superintendent of Schools? Unbelievable."

"Hello Mail Call. This is to Zeek. You're really funny. I'd like to say that you really are."

"I'm just calling in about the Brady bunch anti-gun activists. I'm a Vietnam veteran and the next time, or the only time that you come after my guns, you'll have to pry them out of my cold, blue fingers."

"For the person who wanted to know the scientific name for a night crawler. Well, the earth worm is in the segment worm family which is `annelida' and the earth worm in specific, its category name is `oligochaeta.'

"I don't usually read Tim Rowland's column, the last time I did read it I disagreed with him so I haven't read it since, but last Sunday, April 6, he had a column that everyone in Hagerstown and Washington County should read. He's right on the ball. Good for you, Tim."

"The $60 million that has been spent in downtown Hagerstown in the last 12 years has been spent by private investors, not by the mayor and not by the city."

"I had something give me a fright the other day. I came out of a local store and was walking around the side of the building to my car and as I got near my car I heard what sounded like a baby crying from around the corner. As I went to investigate I thought, `Could it possibly be a lost child looking for its mother or worse, could it be a baby discarded in a dumpster?' As I rounded the corner I was relieved to find I was wrong on both counts. It was just a couple of county employees holding a union meeting."

"I would like to thank everyone, the stone masons doing the stone work on the bridge on Cedar Ridge Road. I think they've done an excellent job and the bridge really looks great. A big thank you to all the stone masons and the laborers who helped put the bridge back together. "

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