Salary hikes included in city budget

April 03, 1997


Staff Writer

The City of Hagerstown would pay $14 million in salaries for 439 employees during the fiscal year beginning July 1 under the city administrator's proposed $73 million budget.

That's 4.1 percent, or $555,024 more than is allocated for salaries in the current budget, said Ray Foltz, the city's accounting department supervisor.

Included in the salary increases is a $4,000 annual hike in the mayor's salary, which will increase to $28,000 after the May election. The five City Council members each would make $8,000 annually, an increase of $2,000.


The $14 million includes cost-of-living, step, longevity and negotiated raises for the city's employees, Foltz said. It does not include overtime or fringe benefits.

Nonunion employees would receive 2 percent cost-of-living increases and some would earn step increases, Foltz said. Nonunion employees include the city administrator, managers, supervisors, professional staff, secretaries to department managers and Personnel Department employees.

Funding for the equivalent of five new positions is included in the spending plan.

Positions to be funded include:

  • A fifth community police officer position at a salary of $24,776. The position would be funded through a grant.
  • A project coordinator post, which was filled in March, lists a salary of $45,314. The creation of that position would be offset by eliminating the position of billing and customer service supervisor.
  • A water department technician job, at $16,287. The cost would be offset by the elimination of a temporary project coordinator job in the water department.

The water department's project coordinator position was a temporary job created to provide a supervisor for construction of the filtration plant for the Edgemont and Smithsburg reservoirs. That work should be complete in the fall.

  • A part-time job in the Planning Department would be made full-time with a $29,196 salary.
  • A part-time job in the Department of Public Works would become full-time with a $22,294 salary.
  • A full-time network administrator for data processing would receive a $33,432 salary.
  • An expected retirement in accounting did not occur. That employee's salary would be $30,216.

The $555,024 increase in salaries and pay raises includes 2.75 percent negotiated salary increases for the roughly 37 members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 307, Foltz said.

The roughly 45 members of the International Association of Firefighters Local 1605 would receive negotiated salary increases of 2.5 percent, said Eric Marburger, the city's personnel manager.

Marburger said the 158 members of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 1540 would receive 2.75 percent negotiated increases and some would get raises based on their length of service to the city.

AFSCME Local 1540 members work in seven departments including water, water pollution control, golf and parking employees.

Raises for the 70 members of AFSCME 3373, which includes city police officers, are being negotiated between union and city officials.

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