A cow without a home

March 27, 1997


Staff Writer

MARION, Pa. - Pennsylvania State Police have gotten a bum steer every time they've tried to round up an elusive suspect on the loose for the past five weeks in the Marion area.

An exceptionally large, light-colored beef cow has been spotted numerous times roaming fields in the area and state police said they have been unsuccessful in finding its owner.

Trooper John Younger said the animal weighs from 1,600 to 1,800 pounds and appears to be aggressive. He said he has never been closer to it than a couple of hundred yards. "It mostly comes out at night," he said.


The animal has been seen in at least one back yard, but usually stays in a field near Interstate 81, he said.

Younger said he has been checking with area farmers, but none said they knew of any cattle of that particular breed. Younger identified the cow as a semital, one of the largest breeds of beef cattle.

He also said he didn't know how the animal ended up in Marion.

Younger said he checked with the owners of a cattle auction in nearby Greencastle, Pa., but they told him they have no missing animals. "It may have fallen off a truck," Younger said.

He said the animal appears to be in good health.

Younger said he wants to be sure that if anyone claims the cow it is the rightful owner. "I have to get close enough to it to see if there are any identifying marks," he said.

"Technically it would be stealing if anyone but the rightful owner picks up the cow," Younger said. "It could feed somebody for a long time."

He said the animal could be tranquilized and moved to a safe place. He also said it seems to content where it is. "It could just stay there," he said.

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